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  1. The answer is obvious that Jesus is no more than a Prophet and a Messenger of Allah Almighty.

    Anyone who claims that Jesus is Allah or son of Allah has committed a huge treachery.

    Did you know that Constantine the Great invented the deity of Christ?! In other words, it has Roman roots this claim. But Christians don’t know that.

    • LOL…At 17:00 for sure Apuss was not happy, Jesus was human, him and his earliest followers were worshiping only one God.That was most important thing in teaching of Islam.

      • Every human being has his inevitable right to express himself. Well, there is that! Now that whosis has expressed himself we can expect ‘bring on the clowns’. Either that person doesn’t understand real religion, or doesn’t want to understand real religion or has been covered in the blanket of ignorance from which he cannot escape unless ALLAH WILLS (Quran) or he is just a Provocateur.
        Unfortunately, in our times, water will seek out the lowest spot to form a puddle and here we have an example of how to manipulate the ‘data’ so as to make religion appear as a mess of foreign mush and invented stories. That further confuses the issue and gives our ‘youths’ plenty of ammunition to think of religion as basic ‘crap’. And quess who is to blame for that? GOD! For if one doesn’t understand the deeper context of the Bible/Quran, it appears that the ALL KNOWING, THE ALL POWERFUL is tossing coins to see what is going to happen.
        My 3 so far unpublished books blow those thoughts out of the water and expose the fraudulent thinking through interconecting lines of thought generated by the Abrahamic religions (thank you Paul and the Quran).
        The end result in this harmony is Islam is correct not just based on Islamic sources but based on extensive source material from Jews and Christians but only when understood in its proper context which has been cleverly disguised (the knowledge thrown behind their backs as material hidden – equals out of sight and out of mind).

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