The guy who hit Hatun is Christian Orthodox, maybe Assyrian. At timestamp 51 seconds he said “I am Christian”. He slapped her because she dissed Allah, since they also call God Allah.

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  1. Even a Christian doesn’t like Hatun

  2. That’s amazing

  3. Good to know, otherwise they would have monetize this so much.

  4. Is he really Christian? Why did he hit her then?

    • ok, let’s start with his name first. Is his first name Abdul, Ali, Muhammad, etc.? There you have it! Your taqqiya will not work here!

      • Lol idiot!!! Christians name their children Abdullah too!!!

        I’m Lebanese Muslim our neighbours are Christians and their cousin’s name is Abdullah LOL!!!😂🤣😳🤣

  5. When a muslim uses taqiyyah….

  6. MAYBE Assyrian? You’ve started a conspiracy theory on YouTube on MAYBE he’s Assyrian? MAYBE he’s a Muslim, and MAYBE you’re just making conjecture? Come on, he hit Hatun when she was making fun of Muhammad… You people can’t be this gullible… can you?

    • Of course they are. They’re a hive-mind cult. Why do you think they believe in something that has been conclusively and satisfactorily proved false, well beyond acceptable standards for anybody with an average IQ

  7. “The guy who hit Hatun is Christian Orthodox, maybe Assyrian” because “HATUN ATTACKER SAYS HE IS A CHRISTIAN NOT A MUSLIM”

    Is this some kind of low IQ joke I can’t understand?

    Ok, so if I say I’m Abraham Lincoln, back from the dead, are you instantly going to accept this simply because I say so?

    Of course you f***ing won’t! You disgusting liar

  8. i dont think the actions of one individual should be blamed on an entire religion, wheter it be islam or christianity. that is just a very silly thing to do ( :

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