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  1. Hello is there a way of contacting you via email? I have a personal question I’d like to ask you. If that’s ok

  2. Of my self (and by myself) I can do (absolutely) nothing. This is the claim of Jesus and he either is telling the truth or he is a great fibber. According to the Quran, he is an honest man who serves his LORD with reverence and only with ALLAH’s Permission (by the finger of GOD (ACTS) does he perform miracles. A man/woman is only as good as thier word. So, if one trusts Jesus then take him at his word without glamorizing his position.In plain English this is called not making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  3. One of your favorite other scholars, Richard Bauckham, refutes your take and Ehrman’s and Dale Martin:


    • Lpl.. Bauckham’s dubious, twisted interpretation is goof for the gullible trinitarian worshipper like you… 🤣… Bauckham refuted nothing… lol…

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