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  1. Salaam Paul, if you’re so busy, I offer my service to delete the inappropriate comments made by filthy christians.

    • Which is the filthy religion which advocates paedophilia, bestiality, wife-beating, gang-raping children? You’re degenerate pond life pathetically idolising a vicious, racist, white warlord and a god that doesn’t exist. Get a grip low IQ fool. Learn your own scripture. You’re lower than dog excrement!

  2. Except it is mostly Faiz and mr.heathcliff and sometimes stewjo004 that make inappropriate comments.

  3. Except it is mostly Faiz (QuranandBibleblog) and mr.heathcliff and sometimes stewjo004 that make inappropriate comments.

  4. “…The Noble Qur’an [cf. 2:148] extends its principle of pluralism also to adherents of other faiths. It affirms that each has a direction and path to which they turn so that all should strive for good works, in the belief that, wheresoever they may be, Allah will bring them together…” —

  5. Assallam alcome brother Paul.
    Today you had a question about “Prologue to John” (John 1:1–18) which deals with Jesus, the “Word made flesh” .in islam we believe that jesus was the word of God. Meaning the word is be and he was , I believe the the prologue to John has been altered but may be originally of a similar meaning . May Allah guide you and give you great health and keep you going with you chanel I love it and I wish you alla the best.
    King regards
    Ibrahim elssallay

    • The Word became flesh and dwelt among us! How true because that is what happens to any human being! We, as humans, are a word and ALLAH created us by saying BE and we became and at some point in time we enter the flesh and dwell not seperately but with each other and so we dwell among ‘us’!
      For evidence of this or at least in part see the hadith of when the soul enters the physical growing baby (at 120 days) and so we as a word enter into flesh or ‘become flesh’ ready to react and inter-react with our fellow man.
      But not being the prominant word and not reaching that station of prophethood, we are not THE WORD but just a word as we came into existance from HIS EXPRESSION that we be brought forth! Hope that answers the question and demistifies that what people have turned into some magical thing.

  6. I wish to know the response of a philosopher of science to an Egyptian Sheikh Named ” Abul Feda’ Ibn Mass’oud ” who claims that all of western science is rooted in metaphysical naturalism and that the foundations of it should be revised (some of it should be rejected) by appealing to Ibn Taymiyyah’s writing
    Here are some links to the Sheikh’s books and lectures

  7. Hello.

    I am a muslim, and author of few articles that you might find very useful in a number of fundamental matters, including the simple question of what is religion, and translation of the Quran. I am a private individual, and therefore I did not provide you with a valid email. For the articles, take a look at “”. They are the ones titled “What is Religion. Lesson xx: …”

    Feel free to post those articles on this website, under the name “anonymous”, or something similar. I am unsure whether they should be made clear that they are from a mulsim or not, because they are not meant for muslims only.

    I was unable to find your email. If you desire direct contact with me, let me find your email, and leave a reply here but only after you read the articles. I shall be checking back later and at some point will ask you to remove this comment and its replies.

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