Another Christian Priest converts to Islam

This Tuesday on Blogging Theology, insha’Allah, I will be talking to Yusuf Ogston, also known as Russell Ogston, who was an ordained Anglican Priest for 12 years. In 2010, he made the life-changing decision to embrace Islam and become a Muslim. I will publish it on Tuesday evening UK time, insha’Allah @BloggingTheology

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  2. Can’t find a blog post about Qur’an translations in general, so had to put it here… a brief mention of you, Paul:
    “By the way, the ‘Blogging Theology’ guy believes [the M.A.S. Abdul Haleem translation is] the highest form of translation and the best translation, and it’s bogus. In my opinion, it is the worst translation that is available today… the worst! the absolute worst! I’ve seen so many mistakes in it, and I’m just amazed that people actually believe this guy in his translation.”
    Don’t know what he’s saying here, but this might have something to do with reading the Qur’an without aid of the narrations and/or commentaries… what do you think, anybody?
    Peace be upon you all.

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