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  1. Half-baked ideas like secularism or laïcité are ill-defined and inconsistent.

    Prior to defining “secularism or laïcité”, one must objectively define what “religion” is. Because the definition of “secularism or laïcité” completely depends upon the definition of “religion”. Unfortunately they do not provide us with any objective definition of “religion”. Lacking a proper objective definition of what a “religion” is, it is absurd to force people to “believe” in an ill-defined and meaningless concept called “secularism or laïcité”.

    Also, whatever subjective definition of “religion” is provided, it can easily be demonstrated that “secularism or laïcité” falls under a congruent definition of “religion”.

    A secular state technically forces people to believe in an ill-defined “religion” called “secularism or laïcité”.

  2. A secular liberal nation-state functions as a theocracy.

    The nation-state is considered sovereign, ie., God.
    The Constitution is its Holy Book.
    The President/Prime Minister is the Holy Pope.
    The Ministers/Parliament Members/Congressmen are its Bishops and Priests.

    To be a part of this system, one needs to convert to the religion of secular liberal nation-state by accepting the nation-state as your sovereign God, and the Constitution as the ultimate Holy Book. This ritual is normally done by taking an oath on the Holy Book ie, Constitution.

  3. Very true. People like to blame religions for indoctrinating people, but what secularists are doing is really no different.

    • It goes even beyond indoctrination. It coerces everyone to believe in the one Holy Book ie., Constitution without any prior consent. This can easily be called religious coercion.

      The last known political system where groups of people had the freedom to formulate and live by their own laws was the Ottoman Millet/Millat system. Unlike the present political system, the millets/millats (collective individuals forming tribe or nation or religious group or any group) had their own customised pledge of allegiance contract to the State. These millets/millats had their own constitution, courts and local governance.

  4. The hypocrisy of western secularism is very obvious in many files. But the case with France seems more vivid. Colonial period in the Islamic world was a very drak period. It is still marked in the public memory. We are not talking about medival ages. We are talking about period our grandparents can remember and tell. And we see the western secularism has no interest to spread liberty or democracy in those areas that it used to occupy, it woud rather occupy them and plunder them by whatever it takes to accomplish this job. It is a recent history! France now is supporting the dictator general Haftar in Libya against the elected government recognizesd by the U.N.
    For western secularism it’s better for the rest of the world to be ruled by dictators loyal to the western secularism to ensure that resources of these countries end up to the pockets of the western countries. How on earth does France have a big amount of gold reservoirs while it has no golden mines? It is Africa! And when some poor people in these areas try to immigrate to the west, the superficial lay western people say “go back to your countries” or ” why do you live in the west while you critsize it”!
    These comments are very immature and inform us that those western people have little knowledge about what’s going on in the world outside their contries. The matter is more complex than they imagine.

    Finally this is an important video subtitled with English. YT tried to shut it down first, but later allowed to be uploaded. Watch it at 6:40′ to see what France of lights has done to our countries. https://youtu.be/23sPxDZTfsU

    By the way, the western secularism still does the same thing to those who threaten their policy.

  5. https://youtu.be/doAYi3e1zUc

    A typical display of French cruelty and perversion :
    Skulls of thousands of native fighters resisting French colonialism, who were shot and beheaded, are kept as trophies in the vaults of the French National Museum of Natural History (Paris)

  6. “In ‘Algeria Unveiled’, Fanon designates the veil as an important instrument of resisting colonial hegemony. Equating the female body with the land, Fanon asserts that unveiling an Algerian woman is synonymous with prostituting Algeria: ‘Every veil that fell, every body that became liberated from the traditional embrace of the Haik, every face that offered itself to the bold and impatient glance of the occupier, was a negative expression of the fact that Algeria was beginning to deny herself and was accepting the rape of the colonizer’ (1959, p. 42). Was unveiling a form of torture against Algerian women? Yes! The French occupation systematically targeted the veil as a remnant of pre-colonial culture and worked on its eradication.

    Many Algerian women, mainly from rural areas, were forced to unveil themselves and pose for the colonizer’s cameras. In a poignant abuse of power, the camera was an instrument of humiliation and subjugation of women: who were ashamed to even admit what had happened to them. In many of the photographs, the women’s gaze at the camera reflects their horror, helplessness and a silent reproach, as they hold on tightly to the veils draped on their shoulders and chests. The camera was therefore an apparatus of power; the French soldier’s gaze and the camera’s lens both scrutinize the helpless denuded female body.”

    Source: Veiling and revolutions: from Algeria to Sudan

    A shameless display of such abuse :

  7. The following change of punctuation will land you in French prison. (Here X denotes a statement.)
    X . ————> X?

    Question: What is X

    Hint: statement X contains a number equalling 6 million

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