UPDATE LATEST: I have just been informed by a (usually) reliable source that the attacker was in fact Muslim after all! This story has so many twists and turns. Perhaps we should all wait for official confirmation of the facts!!

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  1. This isn’t looking good, I’m disgusted to say the least. Too freaking emotional.

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  2. He was a muslim or a Christian my previous comment doesn’t change


  3. Theist lunacy


  4. The contrast with Christianity is that God, in the form of Jesus, allows himself to be mocked and reviled to redeem the world. And the servant is not above his master.


    • Can God allow for himself to forgive the sinner when he repents sincerely = This is a crazy talk.
      Can God allow for himself to be mocked & reviled = This is absolutely right and makes sense.

      Book: christianity in a nutshell, chapter: my brain has gone with the wind, pp. it’s a mystery.


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