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  1. Very informative. Many thanks to you both – Paul and Bart.

  2. Very nicely done and informative! His take on the Book of Revelation, which by the way has lots of material agreeing with Islam, is kind of weak. However, he brings along with Dr. Ali Ataeie a lot of knowledge to unpack. So, that is very helpful to the interested viewer.
    After hearing from gentlemen like this, one hopefully is incouraged to look at the sources in context and with other sources. Our Abrahamic traditions much lauded by Paul and when unsullied by the hands of man, form a formidable gallery of unified thought!
    That the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles {meaning non-Jews} in Christ Jesus, {such} that we might receive the promise of the Spirit {meaning of truth who will bring the purified WAY – Prophet Muhammad (pbh)} through faith.
    Brethren, I speak in the manner of men {meaning which the careless will not understand or profit therein}: Though it is only a man’s covenant {concerning faith and eventual prosperity to enter Paradise}, yet if it is confirmed {meaning if it be made so by the ONE GOD}, no one {can} annul(s) or add(s) to it {meaning it goes down as a certainty that we can trust and believe in}.
    Now to Abraham and his Seed {meaning his two sons Isaac and Ishmael – to Jews and Gentiles alike} were the promises made {meaning for they are going to carry on and be that line through which true prophecy will come to the world}. HE {GOD} does not say, “And to seeds,” {meaning being other than through the Abrahamic Line} as of many, but as of one {meaning as of one passage only through the Abrahamic line meaning Monotheism}, “And to your Seed,” who is Christ {meaning for this particular Ummah (religious branch) who will win through and get the honor to being that one, that SIGN who will unlock the door to emit the Spirit of truth to come and teach and renew truth unto you according to John (16:7-11, 13 and 14) in that he will be sent to declare the Right Way. Galatians (3:14-16) Words accredited to Paul
    GOD is ONE, the prophets are ONE, the Records for the most part are ONE and the True Believers are ONE (in intent)!

  3. https://youtu.be/oeZrdgxi9bY


    Thank you Paul for another scholarly discussion. May the Almighty Allah bless you.

    BDE: “The irony is that the group is most in alignment with the teachings of Peter and James and Jesus himself is the group that got declared heretic.”

    PW: “the irony is that the faith of the original disciples ultimately got branded as a herecy in a Christian church… This is the irony of history surely.”

    BDE: “it’s the irony of history that keeps replicating itself.”

    ZO: “The irony is that the same thing also happened with Islam/Muslims!!! The group that is most in alignment with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad is the group that got declared heretic.”

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