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  1. When will this come out on Blu-ray? It’s too good

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    Professor Ali Ataie will be back on Blogging Theology in January to discuss the Prophet Muhammad in the New Testament.

  3. Salam aleikum,

    I don’t want to brag too much or be proud, but many of these valuable discoveries about Isaiah 42 were made neither by Dr. Ali Ataie nor by Abu Zakarya (with all respect to them). In fact, these observations were first made somewhere around 2012-2013 by an independent Muslim researcher named ‘Abd Allah bin ‘Isa El ‘Abd al-Jabbar (عبدالله بن عيسى آل عبدالجبار) who describes himself as a poor [slave] who truly dedicated his research to Allah alone (at the end of his book). Here is his amazing research published originally in Arabic: https://ia802900.us.archive.org/…/Almas…/almaseh_net.pdf

    Though Dr. Ataie did a very good presentation on Isaiah 42, no doubt, was heavily influenced by this Arabic book from the link above. I’m sure that he saw this book since it was shared in the article about “My Servant the Chosen One” by Eric bin Kisam, and it was shared by me in 2014 in answering-christianity.org. This excellent book in Arabic had a huge impact on me too. It inspired me to do my own extensive research to find more academic support for his claims. His theory that Zion represents Mecca appears to be correct. His theory that אתמך (atmak) may have been in fact אחמד (Ahmad) is also very intriguing though it will be difficult to accept by the strict secular scholars.

    • Salam Aliekum;
      You may get some further development on this issue (basically on Isaiah Chapter 53 from my website islamtheway.org. It’s peculiar how different Abrahamic Religions handle this chapter: The Jewish side is to pride itself in finality of the vindication of their faith is presented. The Christian side is to make square pegs fit desperately into round holes and the Muslims for the most part act like a deer caught in the headlights.
      So we take Isaiah for the most part as very wonderful and true but Chapter 53 which is very Islamic (if you read about this on my website), becomes words from someone who has hit the bottle too often!
      Yet our hadith material explains these things along with the Quran (and all will believe in him before his death), which in turn is explained in the Book of Hebrews and the Revelation of St. John. This in turn agrees with what is in Acts and partially in the Gospel of John. All of these things are beautifully tied in proving that ALLAH did not doze off during the period of scriptural formation.

      • Wa aleikum as-salam wa rahmatullah,

        thank you for the information but I could not find your website or the article about Isaiah 53. Could you put here the link to it? I actually think that Isaiah 53 is about Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) in his Meccan period when he was weak and suffered much from Quraish, and it describes also partly what also happened to him in Taif, and the last verse (Isaiah 53:12) apparently predicts his right in taking and “dividing the spoils” which was prohibited to the Israelites. It is amazing that this discovery actually began (perhaps not accidentally!) from a tiny but quite spectacular detail which was like a crumb of bread leading very suggestively to the other remaining crumbs until it became clear to me that whoever wrote Isaiah 53 (it could not be prophet Isaiah but as you said possibly by “someone who has hit the bottle too often!” LOL) he lived either during the times of Prophet Muhammad or shortly after him, and it seems that he composed his text based on what he has seen – or heard – about what occurred to Prophet Muhammad in his earlier period. The reason why I believe that is because there are too many suspicious allusions (not just in Isaiah 53 but in other parts of the Bible as well). This is also the reason why I don’t think that this so-called 1QIsa-a (The Great Isaiah Scroll) is over 2000 years old. Rather, as argued by Solomon Zeitlin (a very respected Hebrew scholar from Dropsie College), it’s a medieval production and – according to my personal opinion – it is deceptively propagated as a very ancient document to show for the world that the Hebrew Bible ALSO has been faithfully copied (LIKE the Quran!). God knows best!

      • Thank you for your interest. All I know is that the website is islamtheway.org and that when one types it in with google, it pops up. This website has over a hundred articles but about Isaiah (pbh), I talk about him in several of them. So, to be fast on recovery, one must download the article and press Isaiah in the find column, I guess. Hope that was helpful.
        Ahmed Ismail

      • Of course different people will have their different opinions. This chapter is about the Christ-soul in my opinion due to every verse fitting his ‘incarnations’. Even to the last verse talking about his children and matching hadith declaring that he will get married and produce offspring (his seed). Of course Jesus (pbh) is only part of this complex situation as he could not be the one spoken of who did not open his mouth. Jesus did according to the Gospel of John but there is ONE MAN, who when he had the opportunity to prove his innocence, opened not his mouth!
        What people DON’T DO is connect the dots very well and don’t see the whole picture!
        To provide a short lesson is that in my belief Jesus was definitely NOT CRUCIFIED ON THAT WOODEN CROSS AND HE DID NOT DIE YET. However, he (in one sense of the meaning) was crucified in the flesh and rose from the dead. Now when you can figure that one out through the use of scriptures and hadith material, then you can understand what this great soul means and why he said (in the Gospel of John) that his FATHER is the HUSBANDMAN and he is the vine and what is NOT LIKED IN HIM(the Christ-soul) IS PRUNED AWAY AND WHAT IS LIKED IS CULTIVATED AND INCREASED.
        How can Jesus ever be a SIGN to mankind when he works only 3 years, gets all these miracles to do with ALLAH’s Permission and is quaranteed protection from the Israelites (Psalms 91:10-15 and a Quranic verse concerning him being protected) and he even declares in John that no one (and he means NO ONE) can kill him. Is this guy privilaged and does not have to work for salvation being already born a prophet and born able to speak to boot?
        When you understand that then you will understand that this soul truly worked and worked hard to be that one who would close the chapter on the Jewish prophets and be that one who will be able to turn that key to prepare the way for THAT PROPHET Muhammad (pbh).
        Now you might be able to feel the problem presented in the Book of Hebrews and Paul’s declaration that I want to feed you with meat but you are not ready and I have to feed you with milk! Even though by THIS TIME you should be teachers you STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND!
        I don’t blame anyone for not understanding these complex thoughts. But Jesus is whom he declared himself to be and that was but the son of man, son of David and a servant to the ONE GOD. And as Paul’s travelling companion for about 18 months (Luke) wrote in Acts: a man who by the finger of GOD (meaning by GOD’s Permission ONLY) did miracles etc.

      • Waliekum Salam:
        I do this in my writing sometimes and that is to forget to mention somethings. I know that this is not the time or place for a debate but what you said about the end of Isaiah chapter 53 refers to the return of Jesus (pbh) in his kingdom after the death of the Gog and Magog. He gets double the reward and this is ‘his’ kingdom of the believers and only of the believers. Note that he will rule withb a rod of iron (Book of Revelation) but that the blessed people great to small will not have to be told about the relgion (Islam)
        because it will be in their hearts and desires to follow that course (Book of Hebrews). And as the Prophet said in answer to the question of how will the people be at that time he replied that they will be as good as you (his Companions) or better than you!
        And because ‘all’ will believe in him before his death (Quran) this will indeed be a paradise on Earth.
        And because he will break the cross and kill the swine meaning he will end false doctrine and destroy those who seek to argue against his rule (a sword will come out of his mouth (Book of Rev.) or he will kill with his breath as far as his eyes can see (hadith) only the true, righteous souls will be around. Then this kingdom, which will last 1,000 years (Jesus will have died long before then) will deteriorate until when the last man with only a mustard grain of faith in his heart dies, will end and another kingdom will arise and there will be no Quran anywhere on Earth as it will be taken up and people will behave like unruly asses (hadith) and the one who is killed and the killer will both go to Hell. Also, the women from the tribe of Daus will wiggle thier buttocks around their idols. Also, people living near Makkah will see the Kaba but not know what it is for.
        This is the kingdom of Satan.
        Then after a certain time the horn will be blown and the people will arise from their graves for Judgment purposes.
        So, who can accuse ALLAH of not being fair? HE gives the soul what it craves and the choice to make decisions but the price must be paid (the Sin of the world as related in John and in the Quran when ALLAH offered the dominion to the mountains and the sky but they refused it. It was only man who undertook the challange and he was hasty and foolish!
        So, now we know what the sin of the world is as reported in the Gospel of John but beware! Sin does not equal sins as those pesky born agian Christians try to make it out to be and when we read a particular hadith by Ubay ibn Ka’b talking about this issue, it cements our understanding about the various vicegerents being placed on Earth. Unfortunately, both the Old Testament and New Testament use the term gods as in HE (the ONE GOD) called them gods to whom the Word came. I prefer the term vicegerent as that is the more accurate term.
        Naturally, you might understand why the angles were upset when ALLAH said that HE was going to place a Vicegerent on Earth and they had seen what evil bloodshed and mischief others had done. But ALLAH is ALL-KNOWING and HE said “I know what you do not know.
        Well, hopefully you get the picture and remember a rose by any other name smells just as sweet! That should help in making some connections.

  4. To Peter 1988!
    At being over 70 years ‘young’, I’m starting to catch your drift. Isaiah Chapter 53 is about the Christ-soul. He is the so-called, and rightfully so, ‘Suffering Servant’! Chapter 53 verse 9 tells you that in his journey in obedience to ALLAH, he comes not to the rich and influential but to the poor and needy who are sinners but desire in their heart to really believe. This is different than the ‘arrogant ones’.
    And he will be buried with the rich, which by the way has absolutely nothing to do with money or cryptocurrencies. But being buried with the two men who were according to hadith just below becoming prophets and of course with the richest amongst them all, Prophet Muhammad (pbh).
    If the last person to enter Paradise will get 10 times the worth of the whole world then imagine the ‘wealth’ given to the Prophet (pbh) with the Madhi, Jesus (pbh) all of the Muslims past and present and the Angels making that special du’a to grant Muhammad (pbh) that special place in Paradise that only one man can obtain to!!!!! NOW THAT IS RICH!!!!!
    Also, there are some hadiths, notably from the great former Jew and Rabbi, Abdullah ibn Salam, about where Jesus (pbh) will be buried when he finally dies and that will be along with our Prophet (pbh). Well he hasn’t died yet and as the New T. declares everyone must die and then the Resurrection. Or in his particlular case, like ours because he is a SIGN/PATTERN to mankind in that his life period will be ‘FOR A TERM APPOINTED’ beginning when ALLAH WILLS and ending when ALLAH WILLS and then the Judgment.
    As for being that sign or pattern for mankind, ALLAH mentions this in the verse of the simlitude of Jesus before ALLAH is that of Adam.
    So, as Paul has tried to say that truth will be found in the ‘SEED’ of Abraham and that SEED is well known (unless people try to hide it behind their backs) as being Issac and Ishmael. Those are his seed representing the Jewish, Christian and Islamic Faiths and from these faiths (as a prophecy) will come the correct WAY which we call MONOTHEISM!
    However, Jews and Christians at various times have hijacked this knowledge and have kept people from acknowledging the truth of the ‘Spirit of truth’ as found in the Dead Sea Scrolls as a ‘Cleansing Spirit’ who came to ‘clean up’ the hijinks of corrupt men whose job was to protect the knowledge of the DEEN!
    I hope that answers your question. My contact email is tyrexsara590@gmail.com

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