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  1. David Quinn has a brilliant point. Love or hate socialism or trade unionism etc when people nowadays declare war on the “left” or the economic left they are aiming to kill the wrong enemy. And the current liberal and neoliberal post-modern status quo are fully satisfied with the gullibility of those who declare them as the left because it doesn’t threaten them at all, they are not the economic left. Yes, they the establishment obviously try their best to defend and advocate identity politics propaganda against right wingers through the education system, mainstream media etc but NEVER has the establishment defended working class or workers rights values or advocated anti-materialism or anti-consumerism in the same platforms against the same right wing populist…
    Their main message is clear, don’t ever threaten to change the free market economy and current banking system and the military complex. And if “right” wing populists were to dare declare war on those major capitalist foundations, the establishment would have wiped them off from the face of this earth by now, with a few now remaining in trials like that of the Nuremburg trial.

  2. Quinn doesn’t have a clue! Jews were history’s earliest socialists, whose cultural institutions were (and still are) based on sex and racism ; and materialism has nothing to do with capitalism (Marx explained the symbiosis between socialism and capital very clearly).

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