Atheists Launch No Lives Matter Movement


WORLD—A group of atheists, along with some agnostics, announced on Tuesday a new sociopolitical movement consistent with their worldview called No Lives Matter.

According to sources, organizers for NLM have planned numerous rallies to protest other rallies claiming that lives matter. The organization’s mission statement defines the group as “people motivated by the belief that all human lives are equally meaningless.”

“Since we are just random accidents of evolution, and our so-called moral truths are just biochemical reactions in our brain, no human lives, or any lives at all, actually matter,” said prominent atheist Richard Dawkins, speaking for NLM. “Anyone who says Black Lives Matter, or Blue Lives, or whatever lives, has to believe in a higher moral code given by a creator. You can’t say in one breath that lives matter, and in the next breath claim that God is a human invention and all truth is relative.”

“We’re just trying to be logically consistent,” he added.

The movement quickly fell apart, though, when leaders had trouble convincing followers that the No Lives Matter movement mattered.


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  1. Evolution isn’t based on “random accidents”. Thanks for showing that yet again a creationist has no idea what he is talking about and relies on willful ignorance when he can’t actually address the real science.

    Poor Christian, we have all of you making contradictory claims on what morals your god wants. So, exactly where does the objective morality come in when even you can’t convince each other? Now, most of you happily would find a human doing what your god supposedly does in the bible to be abhorrent, but you have no problem with this god doing those things. This shows you have a subjective morality, depending on what something is, not if the actions are inherently wrong. You have a morality built on might equals right, like any good sycophant of a tyrant.

    Nope, no one has to believe in your version of your god or any god to know that lives matter. That your god doesn’t show that lives matter in the bible is enough to know you are lying again. Tell me how lives matter when your god murders David’s son for no fault of his own.

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