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  1. Meanwhile Paul Williams unfortunately conflates Islam with hadith. He does so repeatedly.

    Meanwhile Paul Williams tried to conflate Sunni Islam according to some medieval scholars as if they represent all of Sunni Muslims.

    —It’s as if a Muslim says he is leaving Christianity since he does not want to worship Mary while worship of Mary is a Catholic thing.—

    Meanwhile Paul Williams tries to conflate his personal experience with some Salafi Muslims in UK as if it represents 1.8 billion Muslims.

    Meanwhile Paul Williams conflates Quran’s 6236 verses as if it legitimizes making oral narrations of hadith spread over decades and centuries such an important source when not one verse out of 6236 verses says to consult any source outside of Quran to understand the Quran while saying in many verses that the Quran is simple and while the Prophet nor any of his main companions ever commissioned any book to be written on his scattered adhoc sayings.

    Meanwhile Paul Williams avoids addressing above information when it is presented to him while he criticizes Islam as if he has nit even seen it.

  2. It is a huge travesty for one to cut off from the 14 centuries of Muslim scholars, Muslim saints, and from attributed words of the Prophet (peace be upon him)

    However, it is wrong to assume that the selective oral narrations we have the full history without any distortion and doubly wrong to think that we can twist and bend the Qur’an to fit with all aspects of world view of hadiths.

    The hadiths can only be seen under light of the Qur’an and under the use of reason while recognizing that our reason is fallible.

    The Qur’an should not be twisted and bent under the light of attributed oral narrations.

    We should let Allah (swt) speak to us on His own without twisting His words for any agenda whether an 8th or 9th century agenda or a 20th or 21st century agenda.

    Quran only Muslims are being too strict in dismissing the information in hadith en masse.

    Traditional Muslims and Salafi Muslims are being too dogmatic from their attachment to hadith worldview and to let it eclipse the Quranic world view like the moon eclipsing the sun.

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