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  1. Another name to add would be that of the Scottish Muslim poet: Yahya-Er-Nasr Parkinson who wrote this splendid piece.


    Here also is a list of British Muslims and their works from the last century that is worth a look.


    It’s good to remember that even with the lunacy of some street-level Dawah guys that there are places of refuge for folk who value this country and Islam at the same time!

  2. Wasnt Eaton a perennialists?

    • As were other well-known European Muslim intellectuals of the 20th century such as Martin Lings, Frithjof Schuon, and of course its intellectual founder, Rene Guenon.

  3. Let me guess,he is a white English muslim? Am I right Paul?
    The most beautiful writer couldn’t have been an Asian muslim or a muslim of any other non english background could he?

    I wouldn’t want a person like you in my group of atheists, you are an overt prejudiced racist. No wonder the majority of muslims wont go near you.

  4. Eaton is very different from Ibn Taymiyya but they would have been a little more similar to each other if they swapped the time, place, and education they each have had been exposed to.

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