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  1. Another name to add would be that of the Scottish Muslim poet: Yahya-Er-Nasr Parkinson who wrote this splendid piece.


    Here also is a list of British Muslims and their works from the last century that is worth a look.


    It’s good to remember that even with the lunacy of some street-level Dawah guys that there are places of refuge for folk who value this country and Islam at the same time!

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  2. Wasnt Eaton a perennialists?

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  3. Let me guess,he is a white English muslim? Am I right Paul?
    The most beautiful writer couldn’t have been an Asian muslim or a muslim of any other non english background could he?

    I wouldn’t want a person like you in my group of atheists, you are an overt prejudiced racist. No wonder the majority of muslims wont go near you.

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  4. Eaton is very different from Ibn Taymiyya but they would have been a little more similar to each other if they swapped the time, place, and education they each have had been exposed to.

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