Breaking Sheikh Faisal story shows how dangerous Mohammed Abdul Ahad at Speakers’ Corner was as the spokesman for this man in the UK!

This is a news exclusive from NBC in the US. See: Source

Let us recall that Adad was part of the dawah scene at Speakers’ Corner for years. Prominent dawah carriers at the park (such as Hashim and Mansur) were told a long time ago who he was and how dangerous he was but they ‘shrugged their shoulders’ and said it had nothing to do with them. They (and others) continued to accept him as a fellow dawah carrier and cameraman and only days before a jury at the Old Bailey in London found him guilty of numerous terrorist crimes did they get nervous and try to distance themselves from him. But it was too little too late. And obviously self-serving. This scandal remains a permanent blot on the character of many Muslims who preach their faith to others at Hyde Park. To this day they have never admitted their culpability. This shocking episode will doubtless go down in history as one of the very darkest times at London’s Speakers Corner. The damage to da’wah is incalculable.

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