Religion and COVID-19

I recently read an article on the BBC about how people from different faiths have explored how they have coped with lock-down.

There are some interesting insights, such as how people have been getting involved in online services or that the isolation has given people the time and space to read and reflect upon their traditions that were, in busier times, neglected.

For me, it has been, thus far, a challenging time to say the least but the thought that there is a Higher Power looking down on all this mess seems to have provided comfort.

So, what about you? How has your faith been impacted by the pandemic thus far?

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  1. I read the article when it came out and was left wondering why it is that the media cannot find an orthodox Christian whose identity isn’t defined by something other than Christianity.

  2. I saw this as a challenge to lose weight, improve my diet and exercise.

  3. My faith hasn’t been affected by the pandemic at all. Have worked throughout lockdown and have had to concentrate more on relationships electronically since we can’t meet as a body.

  4. Not joining prayers at the mosque is annoying. It is open and must wear a mask and pray 6 feet apart. For personal reasons I pray at home

  5. Narrated Abu Huraira: “The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “He who dies of an abdominal disease is a martyr, and he who dies of plague is a martyr.”

  6. Like Chris, I’ve still been working, albeit at home, since the beginning of the lockdown so in that sense, it’s not been too much of a struggle to fill up my time.

    The one thing that has changed is appreciating getting outdoors and going for walks. Reconnecting with nature has been beneficial because, if this makes sense I’ll be glad, life still goes on unhindered and in that there’s hope that we might be the same in the future. In the meantime just to see that can improve your mood.

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