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  1. Candace Owens is the black equivalent of Imam Tawhidi.

  2. Brilliant. It needed to be said – but by a black person. Otherwise it would have been racism, isn’t it!?

  3. Asian Americans are killed by police at a lower rate than any other group. The US police force is an Asian Supremacist organisation.

    • I was the one who sent this video to Paul….I believe that many African Americans need to see it….

      However, SYSTEMIC RACISM is active against the economic, social, and political interests of African Americans.

      And this is apart from the FACT that African Americans have a HUGE disadvantage for opportunities and safety in their lives due to the VERY RECENT LEGACY of HUNDREDS of YEARS of slavery and apartheid policies in the US.

      Paul, I sent that video since I believe that points in it are needed to be told….but will you post the article I sent?

      Many videos are needed to be posted about the CURRENT RACISM and the VERY REAL effects of the VERY, VERY, VERY Extreme type of cruel slavery in the ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE (I think there were Africans and probably Arabs that were involved in this as well to trade with the WHITE Europeans slave traders) and the CHATTEL SLAVERY that was practiced by WHITES in the US for HUNDREDS of years

      We Muslims should strive to learn the whole truth.

  4. Candace Owens should point what percentage of the protest marches say that Floyd is a hero.

    As far it seems, ZERO say he is a hero.

    They are only mentioning him since he happens to the be one who was killed and happens to, the grace of God, have his murder be captured by undeniable video.

    So he should not be taken as a hero and people should not assume there is not a problem of high crime in Black neighborhoods which are all mired in poverty….there is indeed a very high problem there.

    • I’m not sure he is guilty of murder. We don’t know the full context yet. Best await the court case – if he can get a fair trial, which is doubtful.

      • You are crazy! you are like the only person in the world who is not sure he committed murder.

        Remember the original sin of Satan was that he was a RACIST.

        He thought he is better than humans because he is made from fire (or plasma or energy) while man is made from soil.

        But what we are made of makes no difference….it is he who is most pious.

        1. We should not be racist…

        2. we should not be stubborn to continue to hold onto our ways when we are shown that we are in the wrong…we should instead be grateful for the person who showed us to be in the wrong.

        Satan was stubborn…even when he was pointed out by God he was wrong…he blamed God for it

        3. We should not be crazy when God gave us a mind to be intelligent and gave us a conscience to avoid our emotions making us think illogically and to avoid clear evidence that is in front of our eyes….I assume even Satan knows he committed murder…it’s all on video…Floyd was unarmed…he had handcuffs on….he was on his stomache which was a wrong position to put him on…on top of him was the officer putting his weight on him…and then in addition to sitting on him, he put his knee in his neck…and he kept it there on and on and on for over 8 minutes….even for more than 2 minutes after his partner said there is no pulse….

        Paul….as a friend to you and as someone who wants the best for you in this world, and the eternal next world….you should seek forgiveness from God

    • Poverty does not cause violent crime. That’s an insult to poor people everywhere who obey the law.

      • You don’t understand what I am saying when you are capable of…you are being stubborn….all people who are in poverty do not commit crime….yes those who commit crime are being evil….

        BUT those who create conditions that encourage one to do a bad act have to also take responsiblity…

        You sound like Netenyaho more and more.

      • brotheromar your being offensive and rude towards Paul which is discourteous …. as someone who wants the best for you in this world, and the eternal next world….you should seek forgiveness from God and be polite when engaging in difference of opinions here on this topic… as Paul said, “Best await the court case – if he can get a fair trial, which is doubtful” …

  5. Paul,

    I am sorry if I offended you….my intention is not to offend you or put you on the spot.

    I want what is best for you.

    I have read so many posts extolling virtue, posts that you sent.

    You should be able to rise above your state of mind.

    May we not be erratic in our decisions, in our text, in our thinking patterns, in our emotions, in our behaviors…. Ameen.

    May we be composed at all times when we are being subjected to stress and when relaxed, in difficulty and ease …Ameen

    May we not become argumentative but really wonder that someone telling us something in a blunt way may really want what is best for our souls (Ameen)…for our eternal recompense of what is the nature of our soul that we have formed in our purification or it and returning to God in repentance or in the absence of that.

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