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  1. What does this have to do with theology?

  2. Please loosen or completely remove your perukes when behind a screen. Formal discussions do lead to theology on this blog common enough

  3. Sadly black American males are much more likely to be involved in violent crime than any other ethnic group. So they will come into contact with the police much more.

  4. You don’t have to visit or comment on Paul’s blog if you don’t like it. No one is forcing you

  5. Asian Americans are killed by police at a lower rate than any other group. The US police force is an Asian Supremacist organisation.

  6. As a said before, the deaths of Black people is a TERRIBLE metric.

    White America elites know the power of deaths….so they are careful of not allowing that.

    Sad that they have you fooled Paul.

  7. Paul, this number of nine said by Candace Owens is false….

    US kills more in days than what some countries kill in years….

    Please make correction so those who read this post will get the correct information.

    Please see below….


  8. Here is another article showing how way off the nine is….it is off by many hundreds!


  9. Even using information from the lying police departments, the nine number is a lie….


    • You know you have a problem when data that should be readily available is so difficult to obtain. The Washington Post started collecting and reporting data on people killed by police but as they readily admit, it’s very difficult to get and validate the data. Certainly one outcome we should expect to come out of overhauling the way we police is to have clear, concise, validated date on every adverse police action – total transparency.

  10. Its true the 9 number doesn’t include those with knifes and even toy weapons. but even when you add those in its still very very small. Consider this, twice as many unarmed whites were killed by police. In general more whites are killed much more by cops than blacks yet most of the violent crime is committed by blacks. Is there racism? YES! but its not wide spread among cops.

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