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  1. Quranists have widely diverse views but the most famous and reliable among them don’t dismiss practical sunna that teach us the Ibadat, and those were mostly the same since Ibarhim pbuh. There is no Hadith detailing salah and hajj for example. And what if God didn’t want all of these rules to survive beyond the early days of Mohammed pbuh. Do you know that Mohammed pbuh forbidden has companions to write down his hadith? If you are willing to discuss this further I am glad to have a conversation about it.

  2. Paul what are your thoughts on the Muslim scholars who say the Hadith and the Isnad/Matn approaches are insufficent to establishing the historical truth?

    Do you think Hadith science can learn from modern historical critical studies?

    • Ryan, if you are sincere in seeking the truth on these matters of reliability and historicity of hadith, please read literature by Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Azami, whom specializes in Hadith Sciences. Read Ryan to understand why those supposed “Muslim scholars” are wondering in a maze of error on this matters

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