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I compare the teachings of Paul, Jesus, & Muhammad on salvation: is it by faith or by works or both?

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  1. I find it amusing but justified to explore avenues of belief but ultimately we save time n resources n adopt the clear consistent message of a Creator of everything in existence throughout history n arrive at a logical n reasonable probability instead of formulating n pondering on questionable alternatives because although we were created with a limited physical body our mind is a plethora for imagination! Our wide ability of consciously contemplating n analysing data is phenomenal! The Creator sent His message to all nations n tribes through our chosen upright role model individuals n made them excellent n morally motivated leaders to guide us to worship Him by observing His commands! To say or even think dogmatically why we should rule out His existence n presume the world is self subsisting is clearly the innate arrogant n rebellious nature instilled in us because although he created us to a limited physique he gave us free will to contemplate n evaluate the mechanism of life! By adopting n obeying His message a truly concise n holistic way of living our life on this challenging world we could procreate an exceptional breed of people of multiracial creeds n cultures n live a respectable evil contained way of blissful living amongst ourselves with abject tolerance n harmony!At the end of the day if there is no afterlife n no God would this life we upheld cause u to regret your choice? U would have lived a contented life with trials n tribulations of reality whom the Creator would justly test us to strengthen our faith in Him to gain an eternal afterlife of paradise! N should there be a God u r prepared for accountability! So logically how would u fare if u did not believe in Him because u too will die! N at the moment of death only u will witness His existence but at that point of time no shahada or repentance will be accepted!To intellectually browse through all the literature of mankind with his arrogant dissemination of facts n fiction will only cause chaotic branches n sects of polytheistic beliefs n paganistic idealogies! When u know the manuscript has discrepancies n contradictions u have to reject it totally! But when u have a consistent noble prosaic high class language book scrutinise Its validity historically n factually to arrive at an amicable compromise to ascertain if It indeed was from a Creator n All knowing entity! Then without delay embark on propagating It with conviction! When Truth emerges falsehood n all sceptism n dogma is bound to perish!

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