“Just be yourself” is silly advice.

“Just be yourself” is silly advice.

What if you are rude, mean, an asshole?

The whole point of civilization is to discipline and restrain yourself.

Don’t be yourself. Be a decent human being.

And if that requires faking it, then fake it.

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  1. The seven stages of nafs classified by scholars of ihsan.

    1. Nafs al-Ammara : The (Evil) Commanding Self or Ego (Qur’an 12:53)

    2. Nafs al-Lawwama : The Self-Reproaching Self or Soul (Qur’an 75:2)

    3. Nafs al-Molhima : The Inspired Soul or Self (Qur’an 91:7)

    4. Nafs al-Motma’inna : The Soul or Self at Peace (Qur’an 89:27)

    5. Nafs ar-Radiyya : The Contended Soul or Self (Qur’an 89:28)

    6. Nafs al-Mardiyya : The Soul or Self Experiencing the Pleasure of Allah (Qur’an 89:28)

    7. Nafs al-Kamila : The Perfect Soul or Self

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  2. I totally agree. My daughter is turning lesbian, she even is not 16 yet. She informed me a few days ago. She has all this in her mind from last years, it made me to doubt my upbringing.
    I can’t advice her just be yourself although this is what she wants to listen. But I assured her I am with her.
    I am looking for lots of help and support.

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    • In this post-modern age, one can imagine the additional double-standards that may come from many of those who advocate this ‘just be yourself’ so-called advice.

      If we take this realistic case scenario of person A and person B (worth noting person A is a bit over-pc, metro-whatever and so on)-

      Person A: Hey come on, just be yourself.
      Person B: okay, great, thanks, I want to a socially-conservative traditionalist family val..
      Person A: (interrupts) How dare you?! You backwards horrifying non-progressive hateful man!!
      Person B: but but I thought you said…..

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    • Is there any person who reverted from being gay, I really want the detailed advice. What made them to revert?


    • The best thing I have heard about the subject is by dr. Julie Hamilton

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