UPDATE: Closure of Speakers’ Corner is being considered

My understanding is that the future of Speakers’ Corner is under review by the authorities.

Ongoing violent incidents involving hate preacher Hatun Tash and the lack of any social distancing by us all has added fuel to the fire of those who want it shut down.

I am told that a ban of Speakers Corner for a while is being considered.

We will have to wait and see what happens.

Categories: Extremism, Islamophobia, London, Speakers' Corner

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  1. Look at Hatun and her gangs, we can see Christians so desperate, maybe the holy spirit is telling them to disturb Muslims.

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  2. It’s the bloody Muslims bastards who can’t defend their Koran and filthy prophet who cause problems day in and day out.


  3. Paul, less than a week later, do you believe the riot you described in your most recent blog entry will provide that sought over justification for a prolonged closure?

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    • Yes, good question.

      It’s the perfect excuse the police want to close it down. I have been told by a reliable source that most park police detest Speakers’ Corner and the latest incident (which to be fair was horrendous in which missiles were being thrown at the police) is the perfect opportunity for them to get it shut down.


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