Ibn Taymiyyah’s offspring. He may never have married but he gave the world an extraordinary legacy which is powerfully influential even today 700 years later.

A role model for contemporary Muslims of a certain persuasion?

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  1. Not so impressed that you want to share an example with us.

    An example of the subtlety of my own thought would be that I would summarize Islam as a synthesis of OT Judaism with paganism.

    The priestly rituals of the OT being replaced with the pagan rituals of Mohammed’s day.

    Is that not subtle even if I say so myself?

  2. I do admire the prodigious research of Ibn Taymiyyah and his singleminded dedication to accumulating ever-expanding reservoirs of genuine knowledge. I think Paul Williams can be an Anglican mini Ibn Taymiyyah or (Ibn Catherine).

    Knowledge is beautiful.

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