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  1. Think the bottom section on the sign helps to understand.

    • could you explain what you mean?

      • PCUSA = liberal, open to homosexuals, same sex marriage, Marxism, transgenderism, affirms the whole LGBT political agenda

        United Church of Christ = liberal, Marxist, socialist, intersectionality, homosexuality is ok, same as above – “open and affirming” = LGBT agenda is not against the Creator (contrary to the Creator’s design in Genesis 1-2; Matthew 19:4-6)

      • I think Ken’s initial posts sums it up. Every faith seems to have a group that decide they don’t like God’s revealed word and want to rewrite it in their own image.

  2. “worshiping a man” = liberal theology = rejection of Deity of Christ
    False liberal dichotomy between the so called “Jesus of history” vs. “Christ of Faith”

    Same liberalism is the same roots of the current acceptance of socialism, cultural Marxism, intersectionality, LGBT political agenda, no genders (or 100 different genders and sexual expressions); = rejection of the Creator’s design that there is only 2 genders / 2 sexes, etc.

    It is all from the same root to destroy civilization from within.

    As Vladimir Lenin said, “Give me POWER”, “and then I will help the poor workers”, etc. (summary of the Bolshevik revolution = communism, Marxism, atheism, the state replacing the Creator’s authority in life.

    • and then once the Communists / Bolsheviks got the power, and established the USSR, then they turned on many people groups and murdered millions and the workers were “enslaved” into a new form of slavery.

      The current Marxist / socialist / LGBT / no genders, 100 genders, leftism will consume itself and destroy, becoming the very thing that it boasts that it is not.

      • @Ken Temple

        “We are not separating the natures, since they are unified in the hypostatic union.”

        Are they though? As per our discussions there are times when only one nature is acting or reacting to certain stimuli. For example the divine nature didn’t die only the human nature died. the divine nature proclaimed himself as deity(according to you) while the human nature didn’t.

        Remember that when i first asked you about this i started with an example of attempting to speak to only one of the natures of the “godman”. You expressed that such a thing was not possible due to the hypostatic union and that i’d have to speak to both natures. The reason for my confusion is i’m not understanding the difference between my speaking example and the issue of worship. Why is it you can worship only one nature when i can’t speak to only one nature? Why is one not attempting to separate the natures but the other is?

        If you could clarify this for me when you have the time I would greatly appreciate it.

    • @Ken Temple

      Since it’s come up again i feel i must again ask you some questions.

      1.You have stated before that you do not worship the human nature of the “godman” correct?

      2. Why is this not considered separating the natures of the “godman” and thus a heresy?

      please answer when you have the time.

      • We already covered all that before.

        The eternal Son, who was and is God by nature (homo-ousias with the Father) became a man.

        We worship Him as one unified person with 2 natures, but the worship of Him is ONLY because His nature is Deity, which took on an additional, human nature.

        We are not separating the natures, since they are unified in the hypostatic union.

        This goes back to Nestorius and the Council of Ephesus in 431 AD and the responses to that, that resulted in the Council of Chalcedon in 451 AD and then the creation of the Coptic (Miaphysite) church, the Jacobite-Syrian-Orthodox church and the Armenian Orthodox Church.

        Nestorius was right to question the misunderstanding of calling Mary, “Mother of God”, the popular street level equivalent and Latin equivalent of the Greek, “Theotokos” (the one bearing God) – which many in his day, and later, Muslims indeed took wrong, even to this day. It was not meant to exalt Mary, as the Roman Catholics, EO, and OO do even to today, but it was meant to teach something Biblical about Jesus, that was already Deity by nature in the womb of Mary; That He pre-existed and became a human – John 1:1-5; 1:14; 17:5; 20:28; Philippians 2:5-8; Micah 5:2; Hebrews 1:3, 6, 8, 10-12; Romans 9:5

        Nestorius had a famous saying, “I separate the natures, but combine (them in one person) for worship” – because he emphasized that Mary was the Mother of Christ, not God, because he thought people would think Mary brought God into existence.

        He was deemed a heretic for that “separation” at the time, and was unfairly judged, because later, after he read the Tome of Leo 1 while in exile, he agreed with the Chalcedonian Creed of Jesus as one person with two natures.

        Since I agree with the Chalcedonian Creed of 451 AD (and all Biblical Protestants do), and their decision about Christ as one Person with 2 natures, my understanding is not heresy; and is Biblical, though I think the church was too harsh on Nestorius and also too harsh later against the Copts, Jacobite-Syrians, and Armemians.

      • Ken could you pepper your comments with words in Farsi (as you usually do) so our large Iranian readership can understand you.

  3. BLM co-founder confirms what anyone who’s read their work knows: they’re proudly marxists. pic.twitter.com/vvUk5jTp7j— Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) June 18, 2020


  4. Leftists Mob rule, Antifa / BLM as a political movement, is similar tactics to Lenin and Stalin and Hitler’s brown shirts, – both groups morphed into KGB in USSR and Gestapo in Nazi Germany.

  5. Ken could you pepper your comments with words in Farsi (as you usually do) so our large Iranian readership can understand you.


  6. @ ken
    It can be difficult to agree with your theology theories but your historical research is quite calming when educational

  7. Rectumterian church = More feces
    United Church of Sodom = Gaping and Bleeding

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