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  1. James White. The rest are psychopaths who’ll probably end up joining ISIS.

    • Nah, they are a bunch of no-balls cowards who act macho to compensate for their borderline zero testosterone levels. They would either die of heat stroke in the desert or be crucified after begging ISIS to have mercy on them.

    • @ stewjo004

      No doubt about ISIS’s cowardice and their tendency to go after easy and unarmed targets. I was mainly talking from a general sense about ISIS, such as their be-headings and suicide attacks and how these macho no-balls cowards would faint seeing the blood squirt out of a neck, let alone being strapped with a vest filled with pipe bombs and shrapnel. They are as cowardly as cowardly can get.

      • trad sport english gentleman Williams will fight with you till the end hip hip hooray 😂

  2. No votes for Sam??

    • @ Paul

      Kind of shocked myself. That’s who I put my pick for because that would do SOOOO much damage it’s not even funny

    • I would pick him or david wood IF they’re hearts truly changed as well. They are psychopaths. Literally. Who wants such embarresements in their religion?
      O wait…

  3. Perhaps I should have put Ken Temple on this list.

    • Ha Ha

      I agree with James White and his approach.

      And he agrees with the way I approach Scripture – for example Mark 10:17-22 – he would say the same thing I have been saying.

      No Muslim (or modern skeptic or atheist or modern liberal scholar, like James Barton, or Rudolph Bultmann or James Barr or Bart Ehrman, or John Dominic Crossan, or Elaine Pagels, etc.) can deal with Mark 10:23-27 and 10:45, if he is trying to say that Jesus preached a different message than the apostle Paul or the apostle John or book of Acts or any other NT book.


      • Ken your fundy claptrap is utterly meaningless.

        Remember: you are permitted to comment here for our amusement not because anyone takes you seriously.

      • No Christian can answer Mark 13:32. Your ‘god’ isn’t God afterall. Checkmate Kenny.

      • @ Ken

        You argued this before.Your entire point is basically based off of:

        Looking at them, Jesus said, “With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.”

        Who in Islam says they ” save themselves by good works or by their efforts or giving to the poor.” So your point already starts on a faulty premise as we don’t believe that. Just because salvation is through faith doesn’t mean one does not follow God’s law system which was sent down as Saul claimed.

        “To be fair, there are some verses in the Qur’an and Hadith that talk about internal sins”

        No there are plenty you simply never cared to look for them. Just another set of references (this time Quran only edition) from the last time you tried to argue this:

        64:11. Misfortunes can only happen with God’s permission. If someone believes in God, He will guide their heart (because) God has knowledge of everything.

        22:46. Haven’t they travelled throughout the earth with hearts to understand and ears to listen? It’s not their eyes that are blind, but their hearts within their chest.

        23:62. I do not tax any soul beyond its ability, and a Record is with Me which speaks truth, and they will not be done any injustice.
        23:63. But their hearts are asleep from all this; and there are other things besides this that they do

        30:58. I’ve made many kinds of examples for people in this Qur’an, and even if you brought them a sign, the disbelievers would still say: “You deal only in lies and magic.”
        30:59. And it’s in this way that God seals the hearts of those without knowledge.
        47:29. Have those whose hearts are sick assumed that God will never expose their hatred?

        59:9. Those who were already established in their homes and adopted the religion, show love for those who migrated to them ˹seeking˺ sanctuary and harbor no desire in their hearts for what has been given to them. ˹Because˺ they give them preference over themselves, even if they are poor as well. And those who are saved from the greediness within themselves are truly successful.
        59:10. There is also ˹to be˺ a share to those who will come afterward saying: “Our Lord, forgive us and our brothers who came before us in Faith. And do not place any hatred or animosity in our hearts for those who have believed. Our Lord, You are full of kindness and the Most Merciful…”

        66:4. If both of you repent to God because your hearts deviated all will be well. But if you collaborate against him, be warned that God is his Protector, along with Gabriel, as well as the believers and angels who will aid him.

        39:23. God has gradually sent down the best speech. A Book in which all parts are uniform in style and whose themes are repeated over and over again. It causes the very skins of those in fear of their Lord to shiver. Then their skins relax and hearts soften at God’s mention. That is God’s guidance which He guides whoever He wants with it and no one can guide those whom God leaves lost.

        9:75. One among them made a promise to God, saying: “If God just gives me a little from His blessings, I will give lots of charity and be the most religious person.”
        9:76. Yet when He did give them some of His blessings, they became stingy and turned away. So because they broke their promise to God and all the lies they told, He made hypocrisy chase after them and settle deep inside their heart until the Day they meet Him.

        50:37. There is a powerful reminder in all this for a person with a good heart or was listening.

        3:167. and expose the hypocrites. When they were told to come and fight in the way of God or at least defend themselves, they claimed: “If we had known there would’ve been fighting, of course we would’ve followed you…” They were closer to disbelief that day than to faith, saying with their mouths what was not in their hearts and God knows exactly what they hide.

        As for the rest of your ramble, Muslims agree on these things and that is not the criticism.

        Islam is mostly a system of external laws and rules; in order to control society. It cannot deal with sin in the hearts of people.

        Well beside clearly being wrong with my above references it doesn’t even make sense as over ½ of Prophet Muhammad’s(saw) time of revelation he was not even a ruler.

      • All very true but Ken will not learn. As a dogmatic fundamentalist (the worst religious type) he is invincibility ignorant. But he provides BT with amusing diversions from time to time..

      • Kennyyyyyy Kennyyyyyy, Kenny the bush kangaroo.

  4. Pope and Trump

  5. Never heard of Paul Joseph Watson or Stephan Molyneux. I had to google them to see who they are.

  6. I’m gonna go with ‘other’ and say, Paul Williams

  7. May Allah grant them hidaya. Ameen

  8. Stefan Molyneux, he’s a quack but i’d try my luck on fixing him…he’s more charismatic than the others (he was a cult leader before he was famous) which could be beneficial, i enjoy his takes on Capitalism and love watching debates with Tankies

  9. Interesting! I have no idea who Stefan and Paul are! I voted for other. There’s one who’s active on youtube. I really pray for him, and I’m not gonna say his name. He’s really different, and I hope that Allah will guide him to the true path. But at the end of the day it’s not for us to choose because hearts are for Allah alone. Many muslims say James White, but to be honest, I don’t buy his character. I just cannot feel his honesty maybe, yet I hope that he’s going to be guided to the true path as well.

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