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  1. If anyone would like to donate to our brother’s family (his wife and daughter), see here:


  2. Inna lillahi wa Inna ilayhi rajioon.
    Bro Eesa is one of my favorite brother in speakers corner. May Allah bless him and forgive his sins. Amen.

  3. Inna lillahi wa Inna ilayhi rajioon.

    May Allah forgive his sins and magnify his good deeds.

    And may Allah admit him to jannat al firdaus.

    My aunt (father’s sister), Rafia Aunty, died around 5 pm Chicago time…about 8 hours ago.

    Please dua the same for her.

    And may we make the best out of the days and nights remaining in Ramadan and especially last ten nights…I am now in the 23rd night in the US.

    • @ Omer

      Oh Allah, fill Isa and Rafiah’s graves with space and light, forgive them of their sins and reunite them with the righteous company of the prophets, martyrs, and the sadiqeen.

      Oh Allah, allow their offspring to be the most righteous of servants of yours so they may continue to increase in reward.

      Oh Allah, protect them from the punishments of the grave and Hellfire. And allow them to be among those who will be given no account on the Day of Judgement.

      Oh Allah, finally you are the one who is in control of the heart so ease the pain and grief of their families, allow them to be patient and reunite them all in Janna tul Firdos. Oh Allah, you love to forgive so forgive us all. Ameen.

  4. especially last odds nights in the last 10 nights.

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