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  1. Two convicted criminals want to visit Hyde Park. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Wow. The haters of Islam will unite with each-other even though their core beliefs are contradictory.

      Wasn’t there a verse or hadith that states this? Ironic, that their actions are sort of proving Islam right.

      • @ Muhammad Ibrahim

        Yes, it’s referenced multiple times in the Quran that they form coalitions against Islam. And Allah, for example, criticizes the Jews for allying with pagans:

        5:80. You see many of them allying themselves with the disbelievers. How terrible is what their souls have invested for them. God’s wrath is on them for that reason and they will remain punished forever.
        5:81. Had they only continued to believe in God, the Prophet and what was revealed to him, they would have never become allies with the disbelievers, but many of them are inherently disobedient and corrupt.

        45:18. I have put you on a life-saving path from the Word. So follow it and do not follow the empty whims of the people that don’t know,
        45:19. (because) they won’t be able to help you before God. The oppressive ones doing evil are only allies to one another, but God is the Protector of those who are god fearing.

        40:4. No one argues about God’s revelations except those who disbelieve. Their strutting throughout the land should not deceive you,
        40:5. Noah’s people denied before them and so did other coalitions that formed afterwards. Every single one of them wanted to do away with their Messenger or seize him. They debated using lies just so they could try to cause the Truth’s downfall by any means necessary. Then I was the One who seized them, so how was My vengeance and the consequences dealt out?

        So yes as you said ironically he has proven the Quran true, just like when this kaffir allied with an atheist who routinely mocks God whom we both believe in (or so he claims)


        But the good news is we can also look forward to this truth contained in the Quran as well:

        38:11. They will be a defeated army like all the coalition forces in the past.
        38:12. Before them, many rejected the Messengers, ˹such as˺ the people of Noah, Aad, Pharaoh ‘the Stakeman’,
        38:13. Thamud, the people of Lot and Al Aiyka, each formed their own alliance or coalition.
        38:14. They all rejected the Messengers and they were all struck justifiably by My punishment.

    • Wood’ been there before. He didn’t bring anything. Just talking silly, that’s all.

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