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Rev Ian Paul is a Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary and a member of General Synod. We often debate on twitter – our encounters can be characterised as an unstoppable force meets an immovable object..

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  1. But it is not a manifestation of God’s weakness and powerlessness in Christianity.

    Just the very opposite.

    It is the sign of God’s judgement upon a fallen world.

    But in Allah’s world it seems to be out of control?


  2. God has compassion?

    Isn’t compassion a human trait?


  3. Wouldn’t compassion be seen as a sign of weakness in the islamic deity?

    Does the law exhibit compassion in any way, shape or form?


  4. You are a waste of space Watson.


    • @ Paul

      As much as that’s always a safe answer, I fail to see how being merciful is a sign of weakness. Its actually strength to show mercy on those whom you have defeated ir are weaker than you. Also, as a note God’s mercy is not like ours and it exceeds ours in both quality and length.

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    • the usual ad hominem BS


  5. All the traits we have is from God.

    So the compassion that we have in us is put in us from God.

    Thus, God has the most compassion.

    Paul, you raise a good point.

    Christians often obsess about the evilness and unfairness in this world.

    And Atheists and Agnostics like Bart Ehrman are the worst at this mindset.

    I don’t understand what is so difficult….this life is a test, so of course we expect to see difficulties in it.

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  6. in christianity god is seen as a servant i think this is the reason they do not understand. love is not his nature but only one of his attribute.god is love is exaggeration of his love show his love to people.we cannot expect christians to understand this.unles they understand christian theology and jewish theology contradicting each other. following links show contradictions between jewish and christian god and theology. JEWISH ANTI MISSIONARY WEBSITES:

    Click to access yeshu-hanotzri.pdf

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  7. But if the test results in the death of an innocent how can that be just of Allah?

    After all death is supposed to be the punishment inflicted on the worst sins that man can commit is it not?

    So the innocent suffers the same as the guilty.


    • @ Erasmus

      Who claimed, “death is supposed to be the punishment inflicted on the worst sins that man can commit”? Death (and evil in general) can happen for a variety of reasons, not just punishment.

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    • @Erasmus
      Quran 3:185. – Every soul will have a taste of death, and you will receive your recompense on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever is swayed from the Fire, and admitted to Paradise, has won. The life of this world is merely enjoyment of delusion.

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