Epitaph on a Tyrant

Perfection, of a kind, was what he was after, And the poetry he invented was easy to understand; He knew human folly like the back of his hand, And was greatly interested in armies and fleets; When he laughed, respectable… Read More ›

What is the Caledonian Antisyzygy?

Having just read the poem The Caledonian Antisyzygy by Hugh MacDiarmid I needed to find out what is this ‘Caledonian Antisyzygy’? And how on earth does one pronounce it?      


Thought, I love thought. But not the juggling and twisting of already existent ideas I despise that self-important game. Thought is the welling up of unknown life into consciousness, Thought is the testing of statements on the touchstone of consciousness,… Read More ›

Pied Beauty

“Pied Beauty” is a curtal sonnet by the English poet Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–1889). It was written in 1877, but not published until 1918, when it was included as part of the collection Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins. In the poem, the narrator praises God for… Read More ›