The Talmud prohibits any intimate contact with a person with whom one is forbidden to have sexual relations – in the same way and for the same reasons as the Shariah

Being that men are visually stimulated and are wired to their carnal appetites, Talmudic teachings are brutally frank and aware of man’s flaws. Various regulations were taught to prevent sexual improprieties from sullying a person’s holiness and closeness to God…. Read More ›

Suppose Matthew and Paul had been brought together and instructed to produce a joint position paper on whether believers in Jesus were to follow the Jewish Law. Would they have been able to hammer out a consensus?

Early and Diverging Views of Christians and Jews. Divergent understandings of Judaism were found among Christians in the mid-second century. At one extreme were the Jewish-Christian adoptionists, who continued to worship the God of Israel as the one true God… Read More ›