English Literature

Richard III Laurence Olivier clip (1955)

Shakespeare’s film adaptation of the play Richard III Richard – Laurence Olivier (48 years old) Director – Laurence Olivier “Thou troublest me. I’m not in the vein”. That’s getting said at work.

What is the Caledonian Antisyzygy?

Having just read the poem The Caledonian Antisyzygy by Hugh MacDiarmid I needed to find out what is this ‘Caledonian Antisyzygy’? And how on earth does one pronounce it?      

T. S. Eliot – The Waste Land

The legendary Jeremy Irons and Eileen Atkins read the classic poem The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot. It was first broadcast on 30 March 2012, on BBC Radio 4. Such an amazing recording of an extraordinary poem!