Dr Tim Winter

European Muslims

It should be underlined that Traditional Islam entails a rejection of the emotive anti-Westernism of the fundamentalists. It also entails an insistence that integration and harmony must take place on Islam’s terms; since non-Muslim think-tankers, social administrators and party politicians… Read More ›

A theology of the Ahl al-Kidhab

So we are exiles from humanity’s current inhumanity, and from the desolating winds of atheistic post-normativity; we are not exiles from our good-hearted neighbours or their best traditions and motives; as the hadith says, ‘Wisdom is the lost riding-beast of… Read More ›

Can liberalism tolerate Islam?

Liberalism of a particularly socially-prescriptive kind seems to be filling the void left by religion, and Europe being the historic land of the divine right of kings, creed here has often been more closely bound up with politics than it… Read More ›

Travelling Home: Essays on Islam in Europe

  Travelling Home: Essays on Islam in Europe Paperback – published on 3 June 2020 ‘Probably the most important book ever published by a European Muslim scholar. Traditionally enlightened, mercifully uncompromising with the truth, intellectually and spiritually challenging, these eleven… Read More ›