Do most atheists believe in God after all?

The results of a new study that reveal something very interesting about atheists. The study took place in Finland and was published in the The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion under the title “Atheists Become Emotionally Aroused When Daring… Read More ›

Why atheists should not feel so smug

In principle, an atheist may feel smug by countering the supposed theistic assertion that: ‘Everything must have a cause for its existence’, with: ‘So what caused God?!’ In practice, no Muslim theologian (nor any Jewish or Christian one) has ever… Read More ›


Seen on twitter. I think what actual atheists say (or would say) is that “morality is common to all men as a survival instinct not as a proof of a god”… But I get what this is trying to say…. Read More ›