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  1. does this whole thing have to do wit hthis?

    Israel wants someone to build a $5 billion island off Gaza — for a seaport, hotels, airport


  2. The real state of affairs between the conflict going on in the Middle East as far as we can understand it is as follows:
    What is the real, spiritual reasons behind the Israeli/Palestinian conflict?

    The spiritual reason behind this dangerous and inhuman conflict involves the psyche of the soul that we don’t know much about. However, what we can know is by exploring the so-called paper trail that opens up the POWER that ALLAH has over HIS creations.

    The problem starts with the knowledge of their being only two kinds of people in this world: Jews and non-Jews and so the danger begins here. The paper trail starts with the concept of the ‘Jewish Messiah’ being the liberator and guarantor for the ‘chosen race’ in a land that is called Eretz Yisrael (Land of Greater Israel) that the ONE GOD will give them as the reward for apparently following HIM.

    This land of Eretz Yisrael compromises all of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait and parts of Egypt, Turkey and about one-fifth or more of Saudi Arabia. The story goes that the Jewish liberator will dominate this kingdom and the rest of the world will be their servants if they decide not to be thrown into Hell-Fire. That is why the glory is for them and not for others and we can see this by equating anti-Semitism with Jews only.

    This thought is further enhanced by one of Prophet Muhammad’s formerly Jewish wives now a Muslima who reported the talk held between her father who was chief of a Jewish clan in Arabia and her uncle. The uncle asked if Muhammad (pbh) was a true prophet or not by which he replied YES! And what this chieftain would do about it and he said that if he was able, he would kill Muhammad (pbh).

    This true story shows how spiritually blocked some people are by which we can see in some verses in the Quran and that the ONE GOD becomes like a ‘prisoner’ to some peoples deformed mind and spirit and that leads them astray!

    The truth of the matter is that there is a ‘Greater Israel’ but that is for the Christ-kingdom which will be composed of BELIEVERS who are Muslim or who turn in truth to ISLAM whether they were formerly Jewish/Christian or whatnot. And this sentiment is mirrored in a hadith in Sunnan Abu Dawood whereby 70,000 sons of Isaac (pbh), will be one of the armies that will be victorious and re-conquer Constantinople and then go forth to join the fight against the Anti-christ.

    The spiritual difference here is that the word ‘BELIEVERS’ is inclusive and NOT exclusive as to what these worshipers’ souls were, are and will be as all who are on the right path will believe in the return of Jesus (pbh) before he dies which is clearly stated in the Quran!!!

    This concept requires that the good Jew, good Christian and good Muslim will be united in ISLAM, and ONLY in ISLAM under the Christ-soul and Madhi. As far as the others who have put ‘names’ on themselves (being deceived by Satan) will be rejected and destroyed because this ‘land’ can hold no stain of faulty belief patterns.
    Besides this, according to the Book of Revelation, hadith in Tirmidhi, the understanding of the knowledge of Jesus’ return when he breaks the cross (concept) and kills the swine (the objectors to ALLAH’s WILL), the knowledge of the unified believers under one religion, herein called the paradise on Earth or the 1,000 year kingdom (Book of Revelation and the last part of Isaiah chapter 53) can begin as soon as the Gog and Magog are dispatched.
    We are further informed by the Spirit of truth – Muhammad (pbh) that Jesus (pbh) will recite the Sunnah declaration after hearing the adhan (call to prayer) of giving Muhammad (pbh) that special place in Paradise that only one of ALLAH’s creations can obtain.
    So this is the story on how and why the Palestinian peoples are held in an Apartheid-like state of affairs, often under duress and considered as not equal to the Jew as they are judged by their so-called earthly masters to be of an inferior race. Hence, anti-Semitism belongs to the Jews only even though the Arabs are Semites and form the vast, vast majority of Semites. And most of the world backs them up due to their being duped into believing that the Jews are being picked on for no reason at all.
    But Patience and Temperance are needed here along with sound judgment!
    This is the part that we cannot fathom as to who is a real BELIEVER or not as it is in the Unseen but people should know the difference between right and wrong and should follow the pathway of that which is right even if it feels inconvenient. For ALLAH is not fooled by people declaring that they are so and so when they (Arab or Jew, Jew, Christian or Muslim) act opposite to REAL FAITH confusing others in their wake and making a mess out of people of good faith!
    Hence, the statement or warning from Muhammad (pbh) that on the Day of Judgment those who are Muslim will be judged first, followed by Jews and lastly by Christians or the order being based on the original date of communal worship (hadith). And believe you me, no sane individual would want to be judged last as that will be quite traumatic (see hadith literature concerning these events).
    And So It Goes!

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