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  1. Dr. Ali makes the difficult easy and the easy difficult to understand! Truly, he is a very good scholar and has done a lot of work (and conjecture) on various points while putting together a logic based concept of the Quran and the Bible. Many things he says can fit with what is in the Quran while some things are not quite so perfectly alligned. However, to err is human but to forgive DIVINE.
    One real good thing he accomplishes is putting the pesky ‘born agains’ on their back feet and he does a great job of making the gullible look very foolish indeed. When Christian bigots attack Islam, we have been given so many reasons (logical and factual ones at that) to be thankful for this man’s earnest research!
    Still, his ‘take no prisioners’ approach does grate a little bit on the nerves but being human, we find that the human is not perfect. So, thank you Dr. Ali for such a ‘salvo’ which like against the ‘Bismark’ not every shell hit but enough did to sink this so-called ‘legend of the Seas’.

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