Prominent Catholic Priest converts to Islam

Catholic priest Fr. Hilarion Heagy recently converted to Islam. When the news became public his name was the #1 trending Google search item in the Arab world at the time. A Catholic priest embracing Islam sent shockwaves throughout the Catholic Church, social media, and some news outlets.

I am thrilled to announce Fr. Hilarion will share with me his extraordinary journey from Christianity to Islam in his first ever interview on 20th March, insha’Allah. We will endeavour to publish it on Blogging Theology’s YouTube channel the same day.

Fr. Hilarion’s new Muslim name is Said Abdul Latif.

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  1. Just to clarify: Fr. Hilarion Heagy was a Catholic priest of the Eastern (Byzantine) rite. So he *looked* like an Orthodox priest but was in fact a priest in communion with the Pope.

  2. Salam Aliekum brother and welcome aboard!

  3. Subhan Allah,thank you very much,brother Paul William ,for your valuable and informative contributions

  4. Thx Paul for sharing these to us. I’m a french revert and it’s always amazing to know the brothers’stories.
    Would it be possible to you to contact Shermon Burgess and share with us his story ?


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