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  1. If you bring reason into belief, you may as well do away with the entire abrahamic religions…
    This is the same as with Covid and the climate-hoax – it’s about control, as the scientific history of Jadaism confirms.

  2. How can One Deny the Universality of the Quran
    If I had the means, I would love to debate the highly and knowledgeable Dr. Ali Ataie. I respect this brother in Islam but his conclusions on the topic of the crucifixion of Jesus are absolutely atrocious.
    It is easy to believe in one’s pet theories over the ‘Universality of the Quran’. However, when one becomes open to the ideal that the Quran is a Divine Miracle that keeps on giving, it becomes simpler to vision the Quran as a ‘Living and Most Dynamic’ miracle imbedded with layer upon layer of Truth!
    The Quran is quite a miracle in that its language is vibrant, LIVING (not dead like the Latin Language), and covers all contingents while being clear and simple at the same time. No other book, holy or otherwise, can compare unto it!!!
    Recently, Dr. Ali Ataie did a super long lecture on whether Jesus (pbh) was crucified on Blogging Theology. I am impressed by his ‘earthly knowledge’ which makes my earthly knowledge look like an ant in a field of elephants. However, his conjectures about the non-crucifixion of Jesus (pbh) actually mutilate the Quran.
    If one were to take Dr. Ataie’s opinions as fact, then one would actually be denying, in some form, Quran (2:62), (2:136), (2:55), (4:136), (6:59) making his lecture about 10% true and 90% freefall!
    Yes, Paul is from the Tribe of Benjamin and he is likened unto a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ but for a purpose that actually is expressed in the Quran which admittedly is very hard to see. The Quran is not one-dimensional and if it were not for ALLAH’s Prohibition, some people would actually worship this BOOK! That is how great this BOOK really is!
    Paul is a true believer in Jesus (pbh) and it is difficult to explain this unless one goes step by painful step! For example, Saul had every reason to hate Jesus (pbh) and if I was there, I would be right there with him. However, as Paul, he did not believe Jesus (pbh) to have been crucified!!!
    People, who jump the gun, won’t believe this but Paul himself declares it!!! And we know that people plot and plan but ALLAH is the Best of Planners!!! And amazingly true, ALLAH gives the reason in at least 3 verses (but actually many more) why the peoples would screw up the notion of the crucifixion!
    Suffice it to say that if you play a game with ALLAH, you are not going to get away with it!!!
    But look at Paul, a believer who must walk a very tight and straight line. If you don’t believe this, then would you prefer that ALLAH was caught sleeping on the job? To give one a shock:
    Paul correctly believes that Jesus (pbh) was not crucified on a wooden cross, stake, tree or whatever and killed. However, Paul knows (his own knowledge added to his first meeting with the Disciples, etc.) that the Christ had to be crucified in the flesh (as a SIGN for mankind) and this is also verified by Jesus himself in the so-called New Testament as he denies his own death by crucifixion but praises the CROSS!
    We also know that Paul and Barnabas tried to explain these ‘mysteries’ to the people over an extended period of time but both of these instructors showed their alarm by declaring that they were forced to feed the ‘flock’ milk in their disappointment instead of meat. Meaning that the concepts to be taught were extremely difficult to grasp!
    We also know that this eventual destruction of the truth would be a result of the misogynistic ways of some devils amongst the faithful! How do we know this from the New Testament?
    “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls {of wisdom} before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces {distort the truth”}. Matthew (7:6)
    How can Jesus (pbh) be crucified in the flesh but not be physically crucified on a wooden cross at all??? And why does Jesus (pbh) literally praise the CROSS in the New Testament?
    If THAT CROSS was an instrument of torture, then Jesus (pbh) would be a sadistic imbecile. And if THAT CROSS is true, then it must be shown in Islam to be true! AND IT IS!!! But this you don’t understand at this time without explanation!
    We get to that conclusion through the miraculous Quran. However, if one wants a simpler answer then: A rose BY ANY OTHER NAME, smells just as sweet! Or: if it swims like a duck, quacks like a duck, flies like a duck and looks like a duck, then it probably is a duck!
    Suffice it to say that Jesus the son of Mary (pbh) was NOT CRUCIFIED on a wooden cross. Another man was placed on this cross and we know who it was because the historian Luke tells us who!
    However, a few alterations here and there to truthful documents in order to accord with the philosophy of the day (after 147-148 CE according to true history) will make it appear that Jesus was put on the Cross. These ‘alterations’ are fairly easy to spot, if one knows what one is looking for!
    And once again the Quran gives us clue upon clue as to what these ‘vandals’ did (in the NAME OF GOD no doubt)!!! So, thanks to the fool Justin Martyr and his ‘group’, modern day Christians can be confident that finally the truth, which turns out to be a lie, can be spread across the globe and draw, as was intended, other flies to the stench! Proving once again that ALLAH is in TOTAL CONTROL at ALL TIMES!
    WOW! Talk about ALLAH’s PLAN and the inability of mankind to get away with anything does put the hammer into the saying of ALLAH BEING ALL AWARE, ALL KNOWING AND ALL POWERFUL CAPABLE OF DEVELOPING A PLAN TAKING CARE OF ALL (infinite) CONTINGENCIES AT ALL TIMES IN ALL PLACES! NOW THAT IS ALLAH!!! AND EASY IS IT FOR HIM!

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