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  1. Salam Aliekum:
    Sheikh Jaffar is a Muslim without a doubt BUT IN MY OPINION HE IS ALL WET (meaning slippery like a fish that when caught can slither away). Nice explanation he gives if one buys it but a real careful dig into this Shia belief system, and I mean a real deep dive into what Shiaism is, shows a lot of contradictions that can be readily detected! What we need is proof not slogans or prejucices without PROOF! So be it and that is the way it is supposed to be, that is, proof not prejudices!
    To do this in a simple way go to Islamtheway.org and look up the article called “The Problem with Shiaism”. One of the best projectors of this sect in explaining these deep viewpoints is the late, pro-Shia, black turban wearing so-called expert Sheikh Rouallah Khomeini. He at one time was believed by only a very, very few people to be the return of the so-called divine Imam or the Madhi for short. What utter bilge!
    One benefit from this article will be the comparison between Roman Catholisisim and Shia thought. Another great benefit is the showing that ‘Umar bin al-Khattab is mentioned in very glowing terms in the Old Testament. A man who is really not liked by the Shia. Loved by ALLAH but disrespected by the Shia! “By their fruits you will know them”!
    From a Sunni country to forced conversions we get a mostly Shia country! Know your real history and well-balanced facts and then the roaches start running for the hills! So, like in being a smart and well-educated shopper, in anything, shop and compare prices!

  2. In the name of Allah the compassionate the merciful

    Dear Paul

    Salaam alaykom

    Given the hype against the Shi’a, it’s courageous of you to make a program about the Shi’a.

    PART 1

    Needless to say, the stance of your guest was highly political, and his approach unscholarly. He therefore painted a somewhat distorted picture of the Shi’a religion (which is none other than the religion of islam).

    It was clear that he had an agenda, and he somehow wanted to appease the Sunni side regardless.

    On the issue of cursing, he presented his own opinions and inclinations, and not the doctrine of the Shi’a religion (islam).
    (He made no citation from Qur’an and Shi’a hadith in this respect whatsoever.) He was extremely narrow, biased and selective in his citations to suit his agenda.

    By him condemning the act of “cursing”, this act won’t go away.

    Should’ve asked instead,

    “Why do the Shi’a curse whoever they curse?”

    “What’s their justification for doing so?” and

    “Is there any precedence for cursing?”

    To prove their stance, the Shi’a cite Qur’anic verses like:

    {Those who insult/torment God and His Messenger will be rejected (cursed) by God in this world and the next – He has prepared a humiliating torment for them.} Qur’an 33:57.

    The Shi’a, in fact, curse those sahabah who insulted, tormented and proactively worked against the Prophet and his teachings. On the other hand, the Shi’a praise those sahabah who were loyal and devoted to Prophet Muhammad, such as Salman the Persian, Abu Dharr and Miqdad al-Aswad.

    PART 2

    IN A NUTSHELL, Prophet Muhammad peace be onto him and his holy family was confronted by not only an outside enemy but also by the enemy_within. After a number of attempts, the latter managed to eliminate him and also his religion, after seizing power.

    It’s about time the masses distinguish between the religion brought forth by prophet Muhammad, and the religion founded by the coup leaders who seized power after prophet Muhammad.

    History reveals to us that whatever happened to the religion of Moses and Jesus, also happened to the religion of Muhammad peace be onto him and his holy family.

    Just as Paul_of_Tarsus completely derailed and demolished the religion of Prophet Jesus and founded the false religion of Christianity… The coup leaders (i.e. some of the sahabah) conducted a coup against prophet Muhammad and his religion (islam) and founded their religion instead.

    Paul_of_Tarsus was not the first to derail a Prophet’s religion and nor the last. Before him, there were those who derailed the religion of Prophet Moses. They falsified whatever they could in order to distort Moses’ religion. For example, during Moses’ absence (he’d gone up mount Sinai) there were those “sahabah” or “companions” of Moses who seized the opportunity of his absence to corrupt the Israelites, and indeed the majority of the latter heeded them and were corrupted through worshipping the golden calf.
    The coup leaders against Moses’ religion corrupted the scripture too: *Aaron* is accused of making the golden calf and inviting the Israelites to worship it. Exodus 32.

    The same goes with those sahabah who conducted a coup d’état against Prophet Muhammad.
    THEY WERE to the religion of Prophet Muhammad as Paul_of_Tarsus was to the religion of Prophet Jesus.

    You, Paul Williams, need to find out about that coup d’état and make sure you know full well what happened. Otherwise, you will be like the one who jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    SO, it is not out of the ordinary to say that some of the sahabah went against Prophet Muhammad. Some of the “sahabah” of the time also went against Prophet Moses, as mentioned above.

    Furthermore, Bukhari narrates that prophet Muhammad said that on the Day of Judgement, some of my prominent sahabah will be dragged to the hellfire, while he says “these are my sahabah!”, O God “these are my sahabah!” … It’s said to him «you don’t know what they did after you … » [re: Bukhari, the chapter on *Hawd*, v.5 p2407, hadith#6213]

    PART 3

    There are always people who pretend to be with a Prophet but in reality, they don’t believe in him and are only around him for malicious ulterior motives. The Almighty Allah refers to such people as munafiqeen (hypocrites). We have an entire surah of the holy Qur’an named after them – Surah#63. Most of surah#9 exposes the hypocrites amongst the companions of Prophet Muhammad. In Surah#2 see verses 8-20 for example. And much much more. It is estimated that more than one-quarter of the holy Qur’an is about the hypocrites! This gives you some idea of the extreme gravity of the situation and what the Prophet faced from within.

    Prophet Muhammad was surrounded by the hypocrites – the noose slowly closing on him.

    To find out what the holy Qur’an has to say about the sahabah who plotted against Prophet Muhammad, see, for example, the following verses:

    {Some of the desert Arabs around you are hypocrites, as are some of the *people of Medina – they are obstinate in their hypocrisy.* You [Prophet] do not know them, but We know them well: …} The holy Qur’an 9:101.

    And also

    {They swear by Allah that they said nothing (evil), but indeed they uttered blasphemy, and they did disbelieve after accepting Islam. and they meditated a plot (to harm the Prophet) which they were unable to carry out: this revenge of theirs was (their) only return for the bounty with which Allah and His Messenger had enriched them!} 9:73

    The main threat to the prophet and his religion came from the enemy within!!

    These are the sahabah that the Shi’a always curse.

    For good measure, add to those above, the catastrophic role played by two of the prophet’s wives, as portrayed in the holy Qur’an, 66:4.

    {If both of you [wives] repent to God –[xxx]– for your hearts have deviated; if you collaborate against him, [be warned that] God will aid him, as will Gabriel and all righteous believers, and the angels too will back him.} 66:4

    To expose the inner nature and real character of those two wives, the Almighty reveals the traits and qualities of wives that He would grant him, if the prophet were to divorce those two: {His Lord may well replace you with better wives if the Prophet decides to divorce any of you: wives who are devoted to God, true believers, devout, who turn to Him in repentance and worship Him, given to fasting, whether previously married or virgins.} 66:5.
    This means that those two wives do not have these qualities outlined in 66:5.

    After assassinating the Prophet and seizing power, the hypocrite sahabah went after the devout and loyal sahabah of the Prophet, as well as his family, all in the name of the new self-imposed caliph.

    PART 4

    Allah Almighty points out in the holy Qur’an, that the people of prophets ALWAYS DIVIDED after them into those who follow them faithfully and those who don’t. See for example:

    {True Religion, in God’s eyes, is islam: [devotion to Him alone]. Those who were given the Scripture disagreed out of rivalry, only after they had been given knowledge. If anyone denies God’s revelations, God is swift to take account.} 3:19.

    The above is extremely critical and has significant repercussions. Also emphasised in 2:213, 42:14 and 45:17.

    In the case of Prophet Muhammad, his people divided into two groups after him;
    1) those who abided by Prophet Muhammad’s teachings faithfully and followed the successor whom he had appointed on divine instructions, and
    2) those who followed the coup leaders.

    Studying the history of those early days helps.

    It is beyond the scope of this post to show what historical events of the time, the holy Qur’an and the uncorrupted hadith of the holy Prophet of Islam had to say on the matter.

    This post is extremely brief and without giving much references or historical citations.

    InSha’Allah much *investigations and deliberations* need to be done to unearth the truth and identify the true religion – the religion of Allah.

    Of course, you didn’t need to reach out to those across the pond to examine the Shi’a religion (islam). You could have reached out to local ones, in Cricklewood for example.

    Best regards.


    Must say your shows on Christianity are excellent. MaSha’Allah.

    PS I don’t know if this post will reach you or you will read it. If you do, please let me know. I didn’t want to post this in public space, but I didn’t have other means of contact.

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