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  1. Salam Aliekum:
    Sheikh Jaffar is a Muslim without a doubt BUT IN MY OPINION HE IS ALL WET (meaning slippery like a fish that when caught can slither away). Nice explanation he gives if one buys it but a real careful dig into this Shia belief system, and I mean a real deep dive into what Shiaism is, shows a lot of contradictions that can be readily detected! What we need is proof not slogans or prejucices without PROOF! So be it and that is the way it is supposed to be, that is, proof not prejudices!
    To do this in a simple way go to Islamtheway.org and look up the article called “The Problem with Shiaism”. One of the best projectors of this sect in explaining these deep viewpoints is the late, pro-Shia, black turban wearing so-called expert Sheikh Rouallah Khomeini. He at one time was believed by only a very, very few people to be the return of the so-called divine Imam or the Madhi for short. What utter bilge!
    One benefit from this article will be the comparison between Roman Catholisisim and Shia thought. Another great benefit is the showing that ‘Umar bin al-Khattab is mentioned in very glowing terms in the Old Testament. A man who is really not liked by the Shia. Loved by ALLAH but disrespected by the Shia! “By their fruits you will know them”!
    From a Sunni country to forced conversions we get a mostly Shia country! Know your real history and well-balanced facts and then the roaches start running for the hills! So, like in being a smart and well-educated shopper, in anything, shop and compare prices!

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