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  1. Things As They Are – Shaykh Hasan Spiker


    • You are most welcome Paul. Much appreciate the work you are doing.

      There are a few lectures by Sh. Hasan Spiker available on Youtube, which might provide some background materials for those interested. I am listing a few below :

      Knowledge and Belief

      Why Can’t People Believe Today ?

      What is an Islamic approach to knowledge? – Understanding the pursuit of ilm

      Also, the following lecture series will provide much needed background material on Kalam in context of modern age :

  2. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته Paul
    This was an excellent discourse. I have been a fan of Shaykh Mustafa Sabri for a while now. I shared these videos in a group that I am in. There is an eminent economist from Pakistan who wants to get in touch with brother Emir. Would you be able to help us get into contact with him?

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