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  1. I don’t think that god has clearly stated in the quran (the holy book) a specific punchment for a specific sin or crime just for humans to find their ways not to inflict it. For example cutting hands for stealing. here, the majority would agree that stealing out of extreme poverty deserves some kind of mercy. after all it is the duty of the community to provide the poor with food and shelter. However, stealing hefty sums of public funds is just stealing from so many people instead of stealing from a single person). Flogging the adulters was mentioned in quran as well as the 4 witnesses required to establish the case. But again, Spotting the
    actual penetration may not be always feasible, depending on intercourse position,even if the witnesses are just few metres away from the act (therefore, I doubt that such fine details are required). Finally, I would argue that stonning and other means of killing people for having nonmarital sexual relationships (whether straight or same sex) were never mentioned in Quran. Therefore, I am inclined not to believe everything mentioned in Hadith books. I guess some of your guests also agreed that some errors might have found their way into those books (eg. Hadith Algharaneeq).

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