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  1. I am German born in Syria Damascus and have read Quran and Tafseer in Arabic English and German many times and in depth naturally being a dentist/orthodontist from profession ,I have a hang to contemplating and scientifically evaluating Quran and Hadith ,without the exaggerated emotionality we Arabs ,unfortunately tend to implement in our discussions,and sometimes stray away from the main target
    Thats why ,I admire the academic ,direct and convincing approach of Paul Williams to the different subjects and especially his focusing on the Abrahamic religions ,digging out the fabulous similarities ,but pointing out that the Quran confirms the teachings of the historical Jesus,but not the doctrines of the church
    I ask my self why could nt any of our arabic scholars ,come with this simple but very profound statement??
    I come to the conclusion ,that , like Mohammad Assad was said to be the present of the Occident to the Orient,so is our brother in Islam Paul Williams
    I would be honoured if Mr Williams would guide me ,how I can support him in serving Islam,as I lack his in-born Talent (which I see as Allah’s Hiba)هبة is the arabic for a donation or present from Allah SWT!

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