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  1. historical adam haha

  2. DR. Craig has his stance as do most people who are living. It might surprise people that these various testaments have some real good points that can be found within but generally people won’t listen! For example, according to the Quran (3:50) the New Testament is really a Jewish extension of the Old Testament and not really a ‘brand new’ Testament. According to the vary rules laid out by this new (Christian) Testament, the Quran becomes a brand new Testament but who cares about following what the ‘good book’ proclaims when one can rewrite history especially to avoid showing how the Quran is so accurate.
    Another bug-a-boo created by DR. Craig is his proclamation that Jesus rose from the dead. What did Jesus (pbh) actually declare or is it who cares? Jesus (pbh) himself refutes this idea and the particular Gospel writer fortunately puts in Jesus’ meaning about that subject which does refute that he died. Of course only a few will be able to spot the very verses I’m talking about and understand there true but metamorphical meaning. However, as a Muslim I agree with the new Testament that Jesus (pbh) rose from the dead even though HE DIDN’T DIE!
    But if you tell the Christians this, they will get miffed and very discretely imply that Jesus should be ignored and that doctrine should be followed. This once again shows that the Quranic verse is true in that ‘they’ take their priests and anchorites as determiners instead of GOD. And yes, this was prophecied also by Jesus when he talks about ‘them’ following the commandments of men. It also includes Muslims as well due to a true hadith from the Prophet (pbh).
    The declarations of Jesus (pbh) not dying can be found in the Old Testament the ‘New’ Testament the Quran and by inference from Paul. Of course, he rose from the dead but that ‘dead’ is the dead defined by Jesus’ own lips and not by church doctrine. Hence, it is 100% true that ALL will believe on him BEFORE he dies and this will happen on his return and we know his future place of burial

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