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  1. Hello.

    First, apologies, but I did not know how else to get your attention.

    I am a muslim, and author of few articles that you might find very useful in a number of fundamental matters, including the simple question of what is religion, and for translation of the Quran. I am a private individual, and therefore I did not provide you with a valid email. For the articles, take a look at “communities.win/c/Theology”. They are the ones titled “What is Religion. Lesson xx: …”

    Feel free to post those articles on this website, under the name “anonymous”, or something similar. I am unsure whether they should be made clear that they are from a muslim or not, because they are not meant for muslims only.

    I was unable to find your email. If you desire direct contact with me, let me find your email, and leave a reply here but only after you read the articles. I shall be checking back later and at some point will ask you to remove this comment and its replies. For the time being, please note that I left a similar comment at “https://bloggingtheology.com/contact/”. Please delete that other comment. If you are not interested in this particular comment either, please delete it now as well.

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