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  1. Crucifixion:
    We have a good description of the crucifixion from Josephus, where the three leaders of the Revolt were crucified, but taken down early by Josephus, and one survived. And the crucified leader was called King Izas of Adiabene-Edessa.

    See book: Jesus, King of Edessa.


  2. It is important to note what Jesus (pbh) himself said about the crucifixion and the Cross! Of course, when we have as sources high-powered scholars, it might not be practical to listen to Jesus (pbh)? From my vantage point (having the highpoint of religious learning end at 9th grade from St. Mary’s Academy High School), I prefer the words of Jesus and the historian Luke along with the Quran and the Psalms to give me some religious truths. Throw in Paul’s (from Tarsus) opinion and we now have an agreement across the board that Jesus (pbh) was definitely NOT CRUCIFIED on a wooden cross!
    Of course, they all could be wrong since they are only human and I suppose some might consider ALLAH wrong or at least devious in HIS clear but not clear (according to some scholars) reference to the non-crucifixion!
    Hint!!! ALLAH was and is VERY CLEAR!!! and it doesn’t take 3 PhD degrees from a prestigious institution to pull that chesnut out of the fire! After all, who am I to speak but one who has 98.6 degrees from Farenheight! Along with poor spelling, I have managed to have some moderate grasp of logic despite appearances.
    All of this is quite simple to understand if and only if the so-called Holy Records are considered HOLY or not! And if they can be trusted as well as understood or not!
    What amazes me is the thought processes of man in trying to decide what shape a square is? Let it be known about the funny side of scholars and that is that ‘too many cooks spoil the pot’! And, if they don’t mind me saying so, “Some of those edumakated people are too far into the forest to see the trees! If you don’t believe me, go back through history and find some of our nice educated people trying to find out ‘how many angels can dance on the head of a pin”!

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