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  1. I think the Christians are creating an opportunity to say because of the pandemic the churches are losing members. To some extent yes I would definitely agree, but in large it has nothing to do with the pandemic

    • I agree with you! The pandemic just exasperated the problem. So where is the problem coming from? From doubts being thrown up by all sides making religion to look like just made up fluff! Either that or it takes a PhD to figure things out.
      Let’s take a look at an Islamic problem for a change! The Gospel of John has two beautiful but very slightly flawed prophecies about Prophet Muhammad (pbh)! The flaws are easy to spot and they don’t change the meanings! So, we can accept the Gospel of John on these points! Now when John starts talking about this Christ being the way, the truth and the light and no man comes to GOD except by (in) him and the father Abraham (pbh) saw his day, it seems that John now is some kind of drunk dreamer?
      Isn’t that being kind of selective?
      Most people would tell me that the Gospel of John has only one passage about our Prophet (pbh) and not two and that is because they are not aware of the second one. So, in effect it doesn’t exist (until they are made aware of it)!
      It is the same old story being played out over and over agaim! If I PERSONALLY DON’T SEE IT, THEN IT IS NOT THERE!!!
      However, if the meaning was made clear about Jesus (pbh) being the way, truth and light etc. THAT DOESN’T DISAGREE WITH ISLAM, then we have something there.
      Three things are needed: context and meaning! The third thing is very important and that is IT MUST AGREE WITH ISLAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not my Islam but THE ISLAM. I say that because my notion of Islam may be deffective so I will want proof and lots of it. Hopefully, this will span the OT, New T. Quran and hadith material!
      And there is proof for that when one is allowed to connect the dots as it were! AND THIS IS A BIG PROOF THAT GOD IS ONE, HIS RELIGION IS ONE, THE PROPHETS ARE ONE AND THE BELIEVERS ARE ONE ALONG WITH THE RECORDS BEING ONE!
      Take out the garbage thrown up by men, and then we can see clearly! Connect the dots and we can see clearly! And that is what a lot of people are affraid to do! ALLAH’s Message has been consistent but mankind has a habit of soiling that Message.
      Of course proof is in the taste of the pudding and not by mere words.Or as we used to say in America, “Show me the beef”. And a hint about a mountain I had to climb (for those who are trapped in a glass cage) is the fact that my religious studies ended in the 9th Grade and I am only Monolingual.
      So one way to advance on the highway of truth is to challenge ALLAH to see if HE is the AL-HAQQ! HE is indeed but take the challange!

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