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  1. Congratulations! Good job Paul!

    My suggestion for your future interview in Blogging Theology is to bring a muslim woman.

    Professor Jackie Y. Ying is the best candidate, she is a women muslim convert and also a scientist professor. She became a youngest Full Professor at MIT at the age of 35 in 2001.

    You could talk about Islam and Science.

    It’s very interesting because if The Quran contradict with science for sure she wouldn’t accept Islam but what happening here is otherwise.

    Hopefully you could reach her and get her in your Blogging Theology video.

    Short introduce of Professor Jackie Y. Ying:

  2. Great recommendation. Thanks.

  3. Bart Ehrman said to Muhammad Hijab about the Qur’an and Islam:

    “I know; and I don’t buy it”

    Even this other Muslim admits that Hijab’s arguments don’t work on Ehrman:

    Ehrman even says different cultures have subjective ideas as to what logic is.

    • This has nothing to do with the post Ken.

    • Because of you ken i lost my faith in believing as people get older they become wiser and I want to thank you for that

      • That’s great news Sabit. I am pleased Ken has finally benefited at least one Muslim on this site. God works in mysterious ways.

      • “all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Christ” – Colossians 2:3

        “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom” – Proverbs of Solomon, 1:7; 9:10; 8:13

      • So, you are judging all your elders by my responses that you pre-suppositionally reject?

        If I am guessing right, your name means, “stable”, “firm”, “unshaken”, “solid”, and used with a verb is means “to prove”, and “proof” – ثابت – keep looking for proof.

        Ehrman is a pagan agnostic and pretty much, an atheist. He is smart and intellectual, but both he and Paul Williams put intellectual scholarship OVER Spiritual truth and faith in God and Christ.

        For a Muslim to rely on him is inconsistent and is shaky and lacking in Sabit (lacking in proof, firmness, stability, foundation)

        Williams just like to use western atheists and liberal scholars to make himself feel good, like he is intellectual and advanced. It is a pride game. He has been doing this for years.

      • Oh! Just turn the other cheek!

      • Ken the truth is you elevate your man-made fundamentalist ideology over the proven facts about the historical Jesus, namely that Jesus was just a man. Your worship of this man is idolatry one of the greatest and most detestable of sins according to the Bible.

      • Ken your a good man but your spiritual beliefs don’t stand up to scrutiny. Your free to make your opinion or put labels on Paul and Erhman but it does come at an intellectual cost. As I’ve come to know you over the last few years I wrestled with you on some topics but have no ill will towards you and feel that much should atleast be said as I have not been actively posting for some time now and didn’t really ease my way in.

  4. HE does indee!!!

  5. It wasn’t GOD’s fault that I missed the final letter ‘d’ in indeed! The fault is mine and mine alone!

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