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  1. Jesus also says “I am” in the Synoptics, so you are wrong:

    Mark 6:50

    ego eimi = “I am”

    Mark 14:62 – ego eimi = “I am”

    Matthew 14:27 – ego eimi = “I am”

    Luke 22:70 – I am

    Luke 24:39 – “I am”

    See My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself (ego eimi); touch Me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have.”

    Proof of the resurrection of Jesus Al Masih from the dead.

    So, the Synoptics DO have “I am” in them.

    Jesus is claiming to be Yahweh – “I am”

    Isaiah 43:10-13

    “I am”

    “I am God, even from eternity, I am”

    • Yahweh said: “God is not human…”
      A few century later…
      “Yahweh became a human”

      Come on Ken!

    • Ken you are mistaken and miss the point.

      Nowhere (other than highly interpreted account in John) do we see Jesus say:

      “I am the way, the truth, and the life”

      “Before Abraham Was, I AM”

      “I am the resurrection, and the life”

      “I am the light of the world”


      Biblical scholars (who are mostly Christians) all agree that the historical Jesus did not say these things.

      Why else would all the earlier sources leave them all out?

      • Well Paul, if one thinks of the New Testament as a Reader’s Digest included novel of 420 pages reduced to 40 pages hitting only the HIGHLIGHTS, we can understand much of the material but only with deep study. Unless the ONE GOD is so laid back HE doesn’t ‘get it’, then our assumptions may need to be fine tuned and we should look at scripture as we are directed in the Quran.
        So as a Muslim, I believe that quote from John is actually correct but ONLY WHEN PUT INTO A PROPER CONTEXT! This requires coordination with the other scriptures and credible hadith materials. The Christ-soul suffered for us… YES but only when put into a PROPER CONTEXT that will not negate Quran/ authentic hadiths and other scripture!
        I use this as an example. Around 50 years ago, I saw a live concert on the Mike Douglas Show featuring the Blood, Sweat and Tears Group. Are you going to ask me if I saw any blood? So, in order for the Quran and Paul to be correct about ALLAH sending ‘them’ delusions 2 Thessalonians (2:10-12) and Quran (40:75), their has to be the medium for the estranged ones to follow! After all, according to thier actions, they wanted it, they rejoiced in it and NOW THEY GOT IT!…. unfortunately for them! Once the LIGHT is cut off from them, it is only ALLAH WHO can restore it!

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