What is the Gospel, according to the Qur’an?

Do let me know your thoughts on the article, either here or on the original site 🙂

PS: I’m taking for granted that Christians have used the term ‘Gospel’ collectively to refer to the four Gospels (or more specifically, ‘The Gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). The focus of this article is on how we relate the Gospel given to Jesus, and the written canonical Gospels about Jesus.

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  1. This reads more like, What is the Gospel according to Richard Zetter?


  2. “Just a quick side note, when the Quran says Allah will accept no other religion but Islam. This should not be anachronistically read as a distinct religion besides Christianity and Judaism. It means submission is the true religion. “WHETHER YOU BE A JEW, NASARA, OR SABIAN, AS LONG AS YOU BELIEVE IN GOD AND THE LAST DAY AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT” you are submitting. Hence this does not contradict my understand as the Torah and gospel being ever binding on the Jews and Christians respectively and not abrogated.”

    Here is the red line:

    The Torah, The Injeel and The Quran are teaching us to submit / worship to The Only One God NOT The Three in one god. And NOT worshiping human.

    Are you the one of them who submit to The Only One God, NOT The Three in one god. And NOT worshiping human. ? If “yes” you are a muslim.


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