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  1. clickbait


  2. They have to be different Gods when you look at the widely differing laws and rituals they have enjoined on their worshippers.
    The name of God, and the prophets names, can’t bridge the gap. It must be a different God even if he is called by the same generic name or lowest common denominator.


  3. Thanks for this clip since I will obliterate this clown’s lies and misinformation in my stream, Jehovah Jesus willing, In the meantime tell this clown to dialogue with me on your stream and put me in my place for all to see how much of a scholar he actually is.


    • Bring your camera crews to San Diego and have dialogue with Sheikh Uthman face to face then put it on your stream for all to see how much of a clown you actually are.

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    • Sam the 3 distinct god worshipping trinitarian polytheist as decided to pass by 🙂 Sam you know well both Judaism and Islam acknowledge the worship of the same one true God…. And Sammy you also know well that Jews who adhere to Biblical Judaism view Christian trinitarians as indeed polytheists whom worship a false mental idol

      ….. how does it feel to be obliterate by Dr Ali’s recent presentation? I just watched your hilarious dismal attempt to refute Dr. Ali’s exposition of Isaiah 42… 🙂 Sam you weren’t paying close enough attention to details on what Dr. Ali was saying…. you refuted nothing lol… 🙂


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