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  1. When will this come out on Blu-ray? It’s too good

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  2. Announcement:

    Professor Ali Ataie will be back on Blogging Theology in January to discuss the Prophet Muhammad in the New Testament.


  3. Salam aleikum,

    I don’t want to brag too much or be proud, but many of these valuable discoveries about Isaiah 42 were made neither by Dr. Ali Ataie nor by Abu Zakarya (with all respect to them). In fact, these observations were first made somewhere around 2012-2013 by an independent Muslim researcher named ‘Abd Allah bin ‘Isa El ‘Abd al-Jabbar (عبدالله بن عيسى آل عبدالجبار) who describes himself as a poor [slave] who truly dedicated his research to Allah alone (at the end of his book). Here is his amazing research published originally in Arabic: https://ia802900.us.archive.org/…/Almas…/almaseh_net.pdf

    Though Dr. Ataie did a very good presentation on Isaiah 42, no doubt, was heavily influenced by this Arabic book from the link above. I’m sure that he saw this book since it was shared in the article about “My Servant the Chosen One” by Eric bin Kisam, and it was shared by me in 2014 in answering-christianity.org. This excellent book in Arabic had a huge impact on me too. It inspired me to do my own extensive research to find more academic support for his claims. His theory that Zion represents Mecca appears to be correct. His theory that אתמך (atmak) may have been in fact אחמד (Ahmad) is also very intriguing though it will be difficult to accept by the strict secular scholars.


    • Salam Aliekum;
      You may get some further development on this issue (basically on Isaiah Chapter 53 from my website islamtheway.org. It’s peculiar how different Abrahamic Religions handle this chapter: The Jewish side is to pride itself in finality of the vindication of their faith is presented. The Christian side is to make square pegs fit desperately into round holes and the Muslims for the most part act like a deer caught in the headlights.
      So we take Isaiah for the most part as very wonderful and true but Chapter 53 which is very Islamic (if you read about this on my website), becomes words from someone who has hit the bottle too often!
      Yet our hadith material explains these things along with the Quran (and all will believe in him before his death), which in turn is explained in the Book of Hebrews and the Revelation of St. John. This in turn agrees with what is in Acts and partially in the Gospel of John. All of these things are beautifully tied in proving that ALLAH did not doze off during the period of scriptural formation.


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